BBC2 competition for MW2?

BBC2 competition for MW2?

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Uncut) (Video Game)

Customer Review

I am an experienced online player and think I can MW2 on the legs a very objective comparison to BBC2 and.

First of detail on BBC2: after 500h online

-very good sound
-Good graphics
-very balanced Maps and Weapons
-Damn realistic ballistics,
Ragdoll and destruction
-very many weapons and gadgets
-Much diversified by vehicles, spacious / close
Level and the discretion over weapons and
the associated attack Strategy Strategy
-by destruction 2.0 bad deal for campers
-with Squad and headset can do a bit (tactics)

-gelegentliche Voted Out (patched since 1.2.2011)
-hin and again poorly balanced teams (impossible to win / lose)
-schubweise not include headshots, after a few minutes then back to normal läufts

Compared to MW2: after 60h online
Basically, a comparison is not possible because it always arrives on interest and taste of each. Here are a few differences, facilitate a decision:
While Battlefield sets on a mix of tactics and good reflexes, it is in MW2 (or generally COD) rather omit the tactics and easy to shoot at the nearest coming around the corner. Sounds simple but makes animal mood =). Here, the rapid rise puts more into the foreground, and the joy is great with each new weapon, each new Extra. However, when I was on the highest level circuit with joy on the rise and soon it was too boring for me even if you can start from scratch. In Battlefield I have reached the highest level, but only in passing. The different ways to attack the enemy camp change with each different class and each weapon. The result is a nerve-racking and more fun gameplay.
The keywords are the fastest (MW2) and tactics / Quick (BBC2).

As an online shooter fan speak from a strong buy recommendation for both games!


Fits. 107 Rank: 5/5
March 13
FAST Well Rounded Rank: 4/5
December 4

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