Beautiful and exciting encyclopedia

Beautiful and exciting encyclopedia

Game of Thrones: The origins of the saga (Hardcover)

Customer Review

The image does not fully tribute to the beauty of the book as such. It is really beautiful, the illustrations are very successful (Marc Simonetti among others). The Encyclopedia covers a huge period of the Age of Dawn to the last kings but also brings many clarification on various topics, questions that arose during the reading of the Iron Throne. The "documentation" is also made with a couple of enthusiasts the world of TdF who GRR Martin has already sought advice, reminders of his own writings, so in terms of content, it's the quality.

So who addressed this "guide"? I would say the same to readers (a little more) to viewers (a little less). If you've read the book then you end up with joy a number of characters mentioned throughout the volumes, and flexible writing, simple but melodious GRR Martin (Marcel P. and of course quality of the translation). If you are fans of Game of Thrones, it will be a good opportunity to discover the history, myths, legends, heroes who marked Westeros and thereby the series.
If you are a reader and viewer, do not hesitate. If you are hardcore fans, I do not speak to you, you've probably bought.

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