Beautiful tribute to the old horror classics

Beautiful tribute to the old horror classics

Nocturna Witching Hour! Curse - The Night of the Two Moons (Audio CD)

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Nocturna Entertainment (formerly Nocturna Audio) returns with two new productions a hiatus of several years, which had been announced in advance! Including with "Nocturna witching hour - Night of the two moons," the radio play implementation of an original movie project.

In "The Curse - The night of the two moons" returns a formidable 200 years ago Warlock, thus fulfilling his outspoken when he was executed curse.

The play script is originally based on a script for a local horror film by Sven M. Schreivogel (Filmwerkstatt Göttingen e. V.). Since it never came to this film, you changed the story in a radio play script and produced it as a radio play. Schreivogel wrote a regional horror story based on real events to parts. For example, the story of the wild boar with a wooden leg. The hut there were also really, but it has already been demolished.

Norbert Langer is busy as narrator in this horror radio play very appropriate. Here plays with not only his talent, but also the nostalgia factor, which runs through the whole radio play. Patrick Bach and Tim Knauer - both now well known and busy speakers - were chosen for the leading roles and Jochen Peter. How do I find, staffed appropriately. Danger in this play by Mordian Tresckow, really evil spoken of Nicolas King. Also starring hear some famous guest speakers such as the Munich voice actor Hartmut Neugebauer and Peter Groeger (Dr. Watson in "Sherlock Holmes") and other well-known spokesman and master spokesperson for the Labels: Christine Pappert, Tina Eschmann, Wolf Frass, Ingrid Steeger, Alexander Siebrecht, Martin Heckmann, Jörg Peter Gehrke, Boje and Sven M. Schreivogel.

Anyone who has ever heard a radio play by Edgar Wallace Maritim, will have a Dejavu here. Esther Alexander, who composed the music then, brings a wealth of "Wallace-tracks". This makes of course only on the musical side already for nostalgia. In addition one needs to lose no words, because the music is just great. Positive is worth mentioning here that the nostalgic music of Edgar Wallace Hörspiele not "come hell-bent" on in the radio play "bruised" has, because it fits. In addition, at that time composed for this film project film music of Kai Roland Burgsmüller is heard. It fits well into the radio play and ensures creepy mood. Additional music by House and court composer Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos. The German regional soundscape can convince. I think for a horror radio play has real added value.

About the cover developed in the radio play Talk Forum a little discussion, which concerned especially the photo of the title characters. The layout is grim and appealing. The "witching hour" logo RL Stine's Goosebumps vaguely reminiscent (Goosebumbs), thus ensuring an eye-catcher in red held. If you know why you used this photo of the title characters, one can, I think, to bury the issue. However, that's just my opinion. Because originally, as I wrote, the story was supposed to be filmed and so you took a photo of the performer. In the booklet, the spokesman including spokesman photos find.

Conclusion: "witching hour: Curse - The night of the two moons" Nocturna Entertainment is a real tribute to the horror classic succeeded that are especially cassettes children still lived by HG Francis. Had the story about a couple of scenes - the more filling accessories are - reduced, would not the price of about 11 euros per room for 87 minutes radio play (here you then had to dodge 2 CDs). What positively stands out: no umpteenth copy burned and totgeleierter stories, but a regional horror radio play with well-known music and great cast.

Friedel / Talk radio play

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