Beautifully illustrated history book

Beautifully illustrated history book

The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) (Hardcover)

Customer Review

This book covers the history of the world in which the "Ice and Fire" saga is settled by George RR Martin, and told them in a wonderful way.
It should be noted that this book is a historical work of maester (scholars), which he originally made for the monarch Robert I. Baratheon, now it but it passes his (supposed) son Tommen I. Baratheon in perfect form for this death.
This is important, as that there written down knowledge just can not exceed that of this fictional maester.
Who is the book so hoping buys to know who is Jon Snow's real mother, or resolve other mysteries, which will probably be disappointed. ;)

The extensive story told of Westeros and Essos is embellished with detailed maps, family trees and numerous outstanding illustrations.
These illustrations are certainly one of the highlights of the book, which is by no means true must-have on the shelf in ice-and-fire-fans, on the other hand for this but also contains no earth-shattering news.
Hardcore fans will even notice minimal inaccuracies (as is, for example, in Stark pedigree that Jocelyn Stark married a Rogers. In fact, her husband came out of the house but Royce).

The processing of the book is impeccable. Both the cover and the pages look very appealing and feel extremely dibasic.

So if you only want to inform you briefly about the history of the World of Ice and Fire, who rates it determined with similar accuracy, but clearly schlichterer presentation in the various online wikis to Saga.
Nevertheless, this book is an absolute gem with which you can sweeten the wait for the next part of the series of novels themselves.

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