Becoming a comparison with the Nikon D3200 and a few other things that are worth mention,

Becoming a comparison with the Nikon D3200 and a few other things that are worth mention,

Canon EOS 100D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD, Live View) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM (Electronics)

Customer Review

*** Canon EOS 100D Nikon D3200 VERSUS ***

If you think about it, to buy the first DSLR, you probably need someone who tells you that the extreme loyalty that show some Canon and Nikon owners towards their favorite camera manufacturers, is largely nonsense. One can not go wrong if you opt for one of the two brands, and Canon and Nikon are not the only brands that are worth to be considered. In the customer images I uploaded the image of a lake, a comparison between the Canon EOS 100D and the Nikon D3200 (which is also a basic model is) possible so that you can see for yourself how similar the image quality of both cameras. However, there are a few important differences between these two entry-level models, which I summarize below:

* Some advantages of Canon EOS 100D *
The Canon camera has a significantly faster auto-focus system and a touch screen. The LCD of the Canon makes colors from accurate than the LCD of the Nikon D3200. The Canon is also smaller and lighter than the Nikon camera.

* Some advantages of Nikon D3200 *
The Nikon has a higher-resolution sensor (24MP 18MP versus the Canon) and a significantly better dynamic range, so you can capture more detail in light and dark areas of a scene. The Nikon also feels more solid than the Canon, which gives a fairly cheap plastic feel.

*** SILENT FOCUS BY STM kit lens ***

I have the version with the 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens. This is a very new lens type with stepper motor technology (STM) for extremely quiet auto focus. This is especially good for video recordings, because it is thus unlikely that the sound of the engine can be heard on a recording. On the other hand I felt the focus in video mode quite slow; For this reason, I find the camera less well suited to capture a fast-moving subjects such as children. However, I like the way how the focus changes. This looks very natural.


The touch screen is ideal to select the focus point very quickly. This can therefore be a very useful tool, not just a fancy gimmick. This feature also has an advantage for video recording, because the settings on the touch screen to make is to use significantly quieter than the Main Dial and buttons. The only drawback are the fingerprints and smudges are on the screen, the little distracting in bright light conditions.


After a few years ago, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II appeared with video functionality, video cameras with interchangeable lenses were suddenly restarted relatively affordable, which is a culture of DSLR filmmaking has launched. The video capability at entry cameras like the Canon EOS 100D, this technology has become more accessible. However, I am not very impressed with the video quality of the Canon EOS 100D. This is acceptable in bright lighting conditions, but in low light I get disturbing noise patterns diagonally through the picture move (like snow). I would be interested to see if other people have this problem.


The supplied battery was charged after about 2 hours and has held only about 90 minutes in Live View mode. Battery life in Live View mode is similar to other cameras like the Nikon D3200. Without Live View the duration is much longer, but one or two extra batteries are - depending on your needs - may be needed. The original Canon batteries (Canon LP-E12 battery (875mAh) for EOS M) are quite expensive, but there are cheaper bundle Star battery for Canon EOS 100D. I use Bundle Star batteries for other devices that I own, and find that they are a good alternative. For this reason, I will (Bundle Star * Battery for Canon LP-E12 for Canon EOS M and Canon EOS 100D with Info Chip (latest generation 100% compatible!)) Order me two of Bundle Star LP-E12 battery for the Canon EOS 100D.

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