Best device in its price range.  Picture perfect, technically almost perfect.  Very high light output of 3200 lumens measured

Best device in its price range. Picture perfect, technically almost perfect. Very high light output of 3200 lumens measured

Acer H7532BD 3D Full HD DLP projector (3D Capable directly via HDMI 1.4a, Contrast 50,000: 1, 2000 ANSI lumens, full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, 2D to 3D conversion, 2 x HDMI 1.4a, MHL) white (Electronics )

Customer Review

I had tried in the meantime the following devices because I have irritated the seemingly better values ​​of the manufacturer's instructions and the relevant Customer Reviews:
- Benq W1070
- Benq W1070 +,
- Optoma HD25-LV
- Optoma HD151x
- Optoma HD50
- Benq W1300
- Infocus IN8606HD
- Acer H6520bd

All these units could not keep up with the H7532BD all in one package. No other projector with color wheel without white segment can reach the brightness of H7532BD. Even the Optoma HD151x with its 310W lamp is not bright.

Also standard equipment offers none of the above devices similar to much as the H7532BD.
The Optoma HD50 is the only exception, with its "Pure-Engine" and the extensive CMS. These features really bring a clear improvement in image quality.
I favor this but no capacity of 700 value.
InFocus is the only device that comes close to the H7532BD because it also provides an excellent look and a host of facilities.

The so highly acclaimed W1070 (+) did not convince me. Neither the brightness values ​​nor the illumination were as good as the Acer with my equipment. In addition, both devices have already been in the delivery of dust on the DMD chip ....

The only point that speaks against the Acer H7532BD and the Infocus IN8606HD, is the rainbow effect. This is more pronounced than for devices with RGBRGB color wheel.
In this case, the Benq W1070 is (+) or the Optoma HD151x priced alternative.

If you can spend a little more money, so I recommend only the HD50. All other devices do not provide enough value for their price.

I retain from all devices listed above only the H7532bd and the HD50.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

I have this unit now intensively tested since already 4 months (up to 6 hours per day).
I bought the device as a replacement for my beloved ViewSonic PJD7820HD.
If I did not need more than 1 HDMI port and an HDMI distribution solution would come into question, then I would have the ViewSonic probably never exchanged. I'm glad I got it done, but to the bottom more.

The application is also provided purely for me, as the Viewsonic TV as substitute in the bedroom.

In short, the projector is for the price of around 620 highly recommended and almost perfect (especially because of the very good black level)! Professional needs (Tagged Image quality) but usually, only partially operated as in this price range.

Here is a comparison of the positive and negative characteristics of Acer H7532BD:
For details simply by enumerating more!

+ Very bright! Measured has the beamer max. 3200 real lumen (1250 lux in the center)!
+ 3D 144Hz definitely possible
+ Absolutely no ghosting in fast motion
+ Power supply in stand-by noise
+ Very good dustproof encapsulation of the optical unit (after 300 hours, no single large grain of dust visible in the picture)
+ Lamp relatively inexpensive and available as a spare piston purely for around 50
+ No stray light front
+ High dynamic and real (ANSI) contrast
+ Excellent shading representation
+ Minimal sharpness adjustment in the warm / cold
+ Sluggish lens with minimal image shifts when pressing
+ Almost perfect geometrical image properties (no distortion)
+ Currently the best DLP-Link 3D, which I have seen
+ Good menu
+ Color wheel barely audible
+ Black value for the price range very well
+ Chromatic aberration very well
+ Sharpness of the price range very well
+ Sufficient number of adjustment for home cinema operation
+ Halfway usable image preferences
+ Genuine Brilliant Color II wheel (RGBCYM) without white segment
+ Three adjustable feet
+ 2 HDMI inputs
+ Supplied lens cover
+ HDMI with MHL support
+ Housing very valuable
+ Good protection against fingerprints
+ Protectors must not be removed for testing
+ Beamer compact and relatively easy
+ Usable bag included
+ Lamp easily replaceable bottom flap
+ One of the best and most stable color projector lamps installed (Osram P-VIP 230/190)
+ Auto Iris works relatively quiet (I know much louder aperture)

o image flickers when changing the frame rate (wheel-Sync)
o 1.2 times zoom
o halfway quiet ventilation system (fan speed changes very rarely)
o power consumption average but much lower than that of the Benq W1070 (+)
o lm / W with a value of around 12.5 (gross) good, but is the color wheel used, is therefore not in itself a disadvantage.
o color wheel speed only 3 times (therefore more easily recognizable RBE)

- 2-year warranty without onsite service (you can hear a lot of negative things about the Acer support)
- Remote control is without lighting
- Unfortunately only up to 4000 lamp hours, rather meager, but adequate
- No Extreme Eco Mode as with other projectors available
- But extremely high outlet temperature of the cooling air (75Grad +), housing does not suffer (One has to however be observed during installation!)
- No audio output
- Firmware part bugged!
- The device would be a smaller lens shift do really well because he projected offset by 15% of the image height up

Please note that I can only speak for my Beamer here. By series variance in this price range, it may be that you get delivered a better or worse copy with respect to the optical properties!

End of the short review!

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Here are the details for all who are looking for more information / impressions about the device:

The packaging is simple, with carrying handle. The projector has sufficiently padded kept (air foil + carrying case) in the outer packaging. The remote control is no lighting and has a neat appearance. The bag is useful, but the padding of this is not very good. For occasional transport but quite usable. For a home theater projector actually unnecessary, still a nice thing!

The casing is very stable and absolutely high quality. The air inlets and outlets are connected to a metal grille protected from large dust particles / hair without impeding the air flow considerably, that is excellent and unique in this price range! The individual housing components run impeccably and without burrs together. The dull, gray-blue color, also protects well against fingerprints. In addition, the screen protectors are cut so that they do not need to be removed for testing. The lens is surrounded by a metal ring which would appear higher the quality of the projector. The housing can be compressed only slightly.
For me the H7532BD currently offers the best quality on the part of the housing in the price range under 1000th

The projector even has the rear ports, which will be favorable for most users and 2 HDMI ports. Furthermore, a component input, a VGA input and an S-video input is available. A negative point is the lack of audio-out and VGA out jack.
In general, the ports are meager, but for an HC-beamer and its use is absolutely sufficient. For presentations, the device is not designed anyway and unsuitable.
This projector has three adjustable feet. This is my 2nd projector, which has 3 adjustable feet. Which is great for hosting at the table or shelf. The lens is pretty stiff and does not wobble. By itself is not adjusted since.

The image quality is preset useful. Readjustment is necessary for genuine HC-feeling. The brightness is a dream. Although for 2000 lumens on paper for rather little, you have to keep in mind that most other projectors thereby achieve the higher values ​​only by a white segment and strongly distorted colors. This is at the expense of color illustrations (keyword decreased color brightness). But because it has an Acer H7532BD RGBCYM color wheel, all primary colors and secondary colors are displayed. The Acer offers according to my measurements up to 3200 real ANSI lumens, which is exceptionally bright (normal mode, BC on a). Similar to the Benq W1070, which has a RGBRGB color wheel, the Acer is theoretically represent 2 images per revolution of the color wheel capable. By CYM also can be mixed almost all colors, like RGB well. However, by the CYM segments an extended range of colors possible with RGB not. In practice, however, the H7532BD produces only one image per wheel revolution. Thus, the device achieved a real 3-fold color wheel. The rainbow effect still occurs, however, only rarely and weakly.

It is not possible to provide the whole picture perfectly sharp, but there comes a perfect Objetiv already very close.
This problem has in this form but all projectors in this price range and is due to the relatively inexpensive optics. After a short adjustment work but I did it manage to the deviations (CA) on max. Adjust by 1/4 pixel. I assume that everyone H7532BD will have this problem varies depending on the series dispersion. 1 pixel offset to the worst point, however, is completely normal and all had I tested devices in the price range below 1000. With only 1/4 or 1/2 pixel can already view the optical deficits as well.

Scattered light forward quasi absent. Furthermore, the image edges are sufficient but not perfectly straight (under 1cm deviation of 2 meters).
Chromatic aberration (color fringing, ghosting, max. 1/4 mirror offset to the worst point) is minimally, as already mentioned above exist, but as part and no longer falls on from a distance.
On the whole, the appearance is therefore very solid and denote the price range accordingly as above average. Something better you get near the price not, unless you have an extremely lucky to get "even better" device regarding diversification. I have had many projectors and up to PJD7820HD no Beamer had an equivalent lens on this Acer.

The distance from the screen should be between 302cm and 366cm in Acer H7532BD, is thus rather somewhat inflexible. This refers to the most commonly used screen width of 200cm. The projection rate is between 1:51: 1 - 1.83: 1, depending on the zoom. It is also important that the focus in the operation changed ever so slightly!
If you set them in cold projector, the image projector in the warm state is not blurred. Many others I tested Beamer had to be readjusted in the hot state.
Offset is rather high on my device with around 15% of the image height, but still okay. But that is by the tolerance is not fixed and can vary by a few% points up or down. Here is a small lens shift enriches would really offer.

To adjust the focus there is a test image at Acer H7532BD. Here you can adjust the sharpness well to achieve good sharpness across the entire image. The existing in the test pattern rings facilitate uniform focusing very. 100% perfect but you do not get out the image. The typical DLP color fringes in different forms and colors you always, depending on the series dispersion and quality of the optics. Up to about 1 pixel width you have to accept and does not constitute a complaint of the unit. Otherwise, however, would have the more expensive lenses not have permission. But I must also say that there are quite are also optics in this price range that are almost perfectly. My H7532BD is one such device. You have to give a lot of luck here!

However, one must also mention that optical errors in Full-HD much easier noticeable than with 720p devices! This is simply due to the smaller mirrors that represent the error stronger. Optical errors, which are generated by the lens are on the mirrors, whether HD or Full HD, always equally strong. Therefore, the error on a smaller mirror as with Full HD are more conspicuous as an HD-ready device, although the quality of the lenses is equal.
Thus it can be said that full HD devices need a better lens so that the subjective image quality is also good. Fringing include always the same, regardless of whether HD Ready or Full HD. It makes but definitely a difference whether a 2mm color fringe adjoins next to a 1mm or 2mm a mirror.

The brightness is Acer with only 2000 ANSI lumens, contrast with 50000:. 1 In my opinion, the instrument has been calibrated sufficiently bright with more than 1600 lumens. In maximum brightness of the projector reaches even 1250 lux measured that corresponds to around 3200 lumens color because the device does not have a white segment. So do not be put off by the "only" 2000 lumens, the projector exceeds loose the factory specification! The real contrast is in test with "only" max 15000: 1 measured (with visor). The in-image contrast also achieved very good 3000:. 1

In light angedunkelten space the image is already very good and perfect in very dark conditions. The Eco mode is 2,2m width for me sometimes almost too bright. The contrast and shades are presented beautifully. I even have the Brilliant Color function which deactivates the image is not too bright.
Anyone looking for a really perfect black level, will not be able to find in this price range. However, the black level of the H7532BD is the best thing I've seen in this price range! The auto iris is working well and good, but unfortunately not quite silently. Adaptation happens always with a slight delay and a staple of the servomotor. The automatic gamma correction works in operation with active shutter clean always.
If that bothers you, which was to the purchase of the device think twice about the panel with disconnected the contrast is much worse. An automatic dimming electronic for the lamp has not the power to compensate for a disabled panel.

The volume of the Acer H7532BD is in my opinion not too loud, in eco mode (which is easily sufficient) very pleasant. Dynamic mode (Dynamic Black in medium) is pleasantly quiet and the fan does not change the speed continuously as with many other devices. He adjusts the speed, but goes so slow that people are hardly aware. Very good!
The decibel information (db) provide little information about the actual volume level in the dynamic mode, which is probably the most used. On 100% Lamp power all tested devices are simply useless, unless you have a party. Here is also the H7532BD no exception.

The internal speaker is even relatively useful for only 3W surprisingly. It is reproduced acceptable system sounds and normal audio.

The Acer has installed two internal fans, but they are so thoughtfully placed so that they are well ventilated throughout the beamer (a fan for the lamp and a fan for the electronics / board). The fans generate just one air noise, no hum or high frequency hum. The fans run in Eco mode at about 3500-4500U / m, which depends on the ambient temperature. The projector determines the available speed range of the lamp fan every time. This is done by measuring the ambient temperature when the device starts. If the room is heating up by the projector, the speed is no longer adjusted upward, which can lead to a very high blow-out. Whether this is intentional or a bug of the firmware, I can not say unfortunately. Anyway, you should be aware of this fact (especially in summer).

The outlet temperature is very hot (up to approximately 75 degrees). While this makes the plastic of the beamer not mind, but you have what is strictly observed during installation.
For me, the projector is in a metal case and this is so hot that you can not touch the metal on the side of the air outlet openings of the beamer.
The distance from the projector to the metal frame are about 15cm. Here you can see how hot the exhaust air from the projector is. Measured with a pyrometer is this up to 75 degrees.

The menu is typical of Acer and contains in addition to the pure presentation projectors have settings for Gamma and Dynamic Black and the auto iris. So you require for a home theater. The aperture is by the servomotor unfortunately a bit noisy, tackert a little and during the adjustment, the image sometimes inflated. Who does not want to use the diaphragm, should refrain from buying the projector and to consider an alternative. Without active shutter the whole advantage of the good black level is no longer given.

Sorry, there are sometimes massive problems with the firmware of the device. The Beamer certain settings remembers not easy. Regulators and their position are indeed saved, but unfortunately just not applied. Each HDMI handshake (as he also takes place at the start of the beamer), the settings to default back (to which I have written above more). This problem is massive, leading to devaluation.

The 3D capability is excellent and the best I've seen on DLP-Link far! Both the effect of depth, brightness, and the pop-outs are well. Flicker and ghosting there practically not at all. The lack of 3D-RF function I do not miss. I can not imagine a better 3D.
When Acer H7532BD the lamp brightness can be adjusted in 3D mode with some other equipment that does not work, unfortunately. The triple flash 144Hz with only runs with native imagery, which is played at 24 fps. So either Blue-Ray with 1080 24p or via PC with the same settings. The projector then converts the pictures on 2x72Hz, ie 72fps per eye. This is absolutely flicker-free. In Sky 3D goes however not as Sky transmits in 1080i 50Hz. The glasses shutters then only in 100Hz and then you see the flickering light. 50Hz per eye are not flicker. 2D to 3D conversion, the device supports also, but the function is actually no real added value.

The rainbow effect is very different in my opinion. I've been easily susceptible and see the effect very quickly, even though it bothers me only conditionally.
The Acer H7532BD is what the rainbow effect relates to very good (slightly worse than the Benq W1070), I see the effect of rare in this unit. The speed of the color wheel is H7532BD 3-fold at Acer. Probably the H7532BD uses the CYM-segments of the color wheel NOT for a second image per revolution (6 times total color wheel). Unfortunately one finds on the net no clear evidence which confirm or deny that.

One more thing on the subject of motion blur or ghosting:
Some devices fast movements result in contour shadow or be image content for brevity time blurred.
When Acer H7532BD I could see no visible contours-ghosting.

The Acer uses a 230W UHP lamp H7532BD of Osram (P-VIP) and consumes about 270W on average (normal mode). A replacement bulb costs about 140 completely, which is relatively low. The service life is below average unfortunately with up to 4000 hours. This value is not surprising when one considers the blow-out. The lamp is here really only cooled to a minimum presumably to keep the noise low. Here you have saved the design at the wrong end. A better solution would have been cold here really makes more sense than a front closed device. It would also remove the lateral air guide slots without drawbacks. The device would then probably a far better air throughput for the same fan speed. And scattered light is actually on the side anyway not an issue.

The difference from 720p to 1080p can be seen for me, even though you can not really see the individual pixels even at 720p at 3m distance from the screen at 2m picture width. The 200 more compared to an HD-ready device, it is worth to me, however, even if you will be the biggest difference is not in movies, but probably at presentations notice.

Unfortunately, Acer is only 2 years warranty without onsite service. And what one reads on the support, should the service be better not to take.

In summary, one can say that the Acer H7532BD in this price region currently has one of the best full HD projector for its price. For me (apart from the FW bugs) even the best projector to date.

I hope this review helps others something in their purchasing decision.
From my unit gets 5 price / performance star. From the picture quality, given the currently unbeatable price, great features, the device is next to the Benq W1070 + with real 5 stars.

But there are also a few things that would have Acer can do better:

- Larger zoom range
- Better warranty conditions
- Remote control with illumination
- Longer lamp life
- An Extreme Eco mode because the device is really very bright as the MW523 for less lumens
- Significantly lower discharge temperature and better cooling solution!
- Audio Out!
- Lamp should be dimmed if the panel is not activated
- CYM-segments of the color wheel should be used for a 2nd screen layout per revolution
- A smaller lens shift because of the high offset of the picture

I myself have decided, despite these points tentatively scheduled for the Acer H7532BD. For me, the unit currently offers the best overall package. The brightness and color fidelity is calibrated (max. 1500 lumens accessible) unbeatable, excellent contrast and 3D function and appearance more than solid.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

Here the negative side:

- The HDMI range setting overscan / underscan is not saved, the projector jumps after every restart on car which in my case means overscan and therefore the image is not displayed with pixel accuracy (image is enlarged by 15%).
- The color management in the user setting is for any new HDMI handshake simply forgotten (start of the device = handshake). The device remembers Although the location of the controller, but it turns simply just not to .... but here it is enough just from the user setting to another and again to switch back. That's the quickest way to the Beutzersetting apply despite the error.
- The projector reads only once the startup the ambient temperature to determine the fan speed. This means that the speed sometimes corrected suddenly up or down. This is often annoying in quiet passages.
- The function to match the wall color principle works at all!
- The digital filter sharpness, color temperature and gamma can be only in the user-setting change (will be one of these values ​​in a predefined mode to, you are automatically in user settings ...)

These errors are sometimes very annoying because I have to deal with the bugs every time Beamer start which takes time. Nevertheless, this projector is my absolute favorite. There is no comparable device with similar features. For people who do not want to use the iris because of the volume, I recommend the Infocus IN8606HD. These two devices are currently not beat.

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