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Best of the best band on Earth

Greatest Hits (Audio CD)

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Why already publish the Red Hot Chili Peppers for now a Greatest Hits album? Actually, we think but that bands and their music labels only a Best Of rausbringen if the recent drives are flopped and / or the band has split up or even if all band members have agreed peaceful that it is now slow times good , But none of this applies to the Chilis to-on the contrary! The singer Anthony Kiedis revealed in a recent interview that they had seventeen songs for the next album already. Never ends because their creativity? Apparently not. Proof of this is also the last album "By The Way". For months, he sat down world in the albums charts determine the eponymous single shot, for example in the US at number two. When you hear the song, you would never think he of already the eighth album by a band, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2003, he recalls the `91 album" Blood Sugar Sex Magik. "- rocky, funky, infinite Chili Power. So it does not look as if the Chili Peppers would stop in the near future to poduzieren high-profile music.
But why should not they nevertheless already publish a Greatest Hits album? There is indeed no reason to assume that this should be the last.
Anyway, it provides a good insight into the evolution of the band, because between the oldest song "Higher Ground" from 1989 and the two new songs are on the disk, after all, a good 14 years.
On the plate are a total of 16 songs, 14 classic and two new, "Fortune Faded" and "Save The Population". In this specification, one wonders why only 14 songs, the Chilis but had a lot more hits ?!
From the '89 album "Mother's Milk" as it is said, only the song "Higher Ground" instruments representing the three previous albums are nowhere a trace. It follows the Rock / radio classic "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" from 1991, which owns 4 songs: "Breaking The Girl", "Suck My Kiss", the anthem "Give It Away" and the rock ballad "Under The Bridge ". The collective value of this disc is the song" "increased, he was featured on the soundtrack to the film" Soul To Squeeze very difficult to get Coneheads "and. Next came the` 95 album One Hot Minute of which only one Song can be found on this record: "My Friends". Unfortunately, it lacks "Aeroplane" and "Warped".
Published in 1999, the Chilis album "Californication" that so far has had unrivaled success worldwide. It is represented with the song "Otherside", "Scar Tissue", "Parallel Universe" and of course "Californication". But I miss "Around The World" , Also from the recent album "By The Way" were allowed to be in my opinion, more songs on the greatest hits record, what is it, for example with "Can not Stop"? The song with the video to slack laughter, the example on Delta radio up and down lief- simply omitted! Why ask ?! The two new songs are great in any case.
Clearly shows this album, like its diverse and varied music of a band can- equal to the first songs prove this because between "Give It Away" and "Under The Bridge" lay milestones. Yet the songs came from the same band, and even at the same time. In the booklet of the greatest hits CD of Nirvana say the last words that the music of Kurt Cobain (and thus also of Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic) is a world builds, if the real world was not enough. And then there is: "Listen again if you think you know it; listen loud if you do not know it yet. "I think that something similar applies to the music of the Chili Peppers.
All in all, a CD that be in every CD shelf darf- it is a wonderful proof of the success of one of the most successful rock bands in the world, which by their fans rightly "best band in the world" is called. For Giants fans is mainly CD-DVD Package interesting that with 16 videos in the luggage installed entry among many others with "Aeroplane", "Around The World" and "Can not Stop"!
The best songs of the best band in the world that should not be missed under any circumstances. But it is clear that the Red Hot Chili Peppers is not far from reaching the end of their career Video- and the only way is up!

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