Best suited for computer!

Best suited for computer!

Auna Xcess 5.1 Surround active speakers Speaker Set 6500W PMPO - 95 Watt RMS (Electronics)

Customer Review

I highly recommend this facility every recommend who wants to connect it to the computer! For the living room, there is not enough in my opinion.

I chose this product because I casually abmische 5.1 Music for DVDs! To get started absolutely fine!
Per jack to RCA plug (3 pieces) you get even a good 5.1 surround with a 7 years old calculator (built in 2007) out. Each of the latch on the computer connections like: green, black, orange, gray etc. owns and an additional 3 jack to 2 stereo RCA cables and buys the corresponding switches at the plant, gets a good 5.1 surround!
You have to remember that it's "Analog" and no digital via HDMI, etc. There are quality losses, but which I so far can not hear.

If he is minimal! I was very surprised that my computer surround only can ever give back. Who owns those connections, can usually, as I even used 7.1. So do not be put off, the sound is NOT miserable when it may not necessarily run on Digital, HDMI as some claim in forums!

But I must also say that some are sensitive boxes in the heights. So then you can very easily adjust on the Windows bar at the bottom of the speaker> "Device"> Speakers> "Properties of speakers"> "improvements"> Equalizer, Mixer at the boxes and some get even!

I bought my first surround sound system for 350, standing in the living room. This is of course no comparison. But for this price you can not complain really! The SUB is a clear and good bass ago, not shrieks!

Overall, a good 5.1 system for the PC! Clear and good sound, only one should the highs a little runterschrauben and the system does not tear too loud to even the 3rd neighbor can hear it. There is a determined volume for the removal of the boxes to the listener, you can also easily set via Windows Realtek Audio Manager UDN this also has to comply with. Loud music is not equal better. Less is always better. And who hears poorly heard loud music :)

Although the boxes have a back hole, but are not actually intended for hanging. I also try to find a solution. I carry on when I have a. There is a solution for everything. Nothing is impossible! ;)
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Addendum: The boxes are made of plywood! In the rear area there is no electronics and you can pre-drill holes or so without Problme sink small screws. Has worked out perfectly for me. Now they hang there where they belong.
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Then you have the best sound!

Overall score: 3.2
Amazon Rating: 4 Stars

Have fun;)

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