* Best Tool for Aquascaping *

* Best Tool for Aquascaping *

Aquarium Set 30cm (1 & 2 plants scissors tweezers) (household goods)

Customer Review

The set includes three nearly indispensable tools for plant care and design in aquariums. Previously I had worked with very short tools and my fingers to my underwater landscapes. This is now - fortunately for all involved organisms - over. The about 30 cm long devices have the advantage that the hands are no longer wet in shallower aquariums and otherwise can reach all corners well. In addition, one can proceed very precise when gripping and cutting, as you just did everything in sight.

The tools in detail

Straight Tweezers:
The teeth at the bottom hold each other nicely, so grasping and pulling on materials is not a problem. Ideal for picking up from the top.

Curved Tweezers:
These tweezers grips clean and has the advantage that you can keep moss clumps or small shoots about while you cut underneath. This saves later the fishing out of cut off material.

Curved Shears:
The gap (the highlight of the set) has in my measuring a curvature of about 10-12 degrees (depending on starting point). This is * perfect * for Moos trimming. The tip is rounded, so you can pierce nowhere. The sharpness is top - if you do not see what you cut, you should think twice the. Hidden away in the aquarium tubes are thus divided quickly.

General & price:
The finish is clean and in my estimation quality and solid. Each unit came in a separate envelope. For the asking price of the set, as already a reviewer said before me, you get in the business or on other sites only 1 pair of scissors or tweezers 1! Here you can not go wrong if you want to set up highly functional tool for Aqua Capen.

The long-term stability, I can not yet be assessed, but I think tweezers scissors, and I will live to see many transformations of underwater landscapes together. Many many.

Overall rating:
Thoroughly recommended.

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