Bestrickend adorable

Bestrickend adorable

The Three Musketeers [VHS] (VHS Tape)

Customer Review

This is a great, somewhat brazenly up candied film about the three 'old' musketeers, Athos, Portos and Aramis, as you get to know the good D'Artagnan from the Gascon. The first time I saw the movie in the United States saw and laughed pleasure of tears.
Hardly appeared here as a video, I immediately ran off and bought it to me to look at him on a quiet rainy Sunday afternoon - and I looked him over and over again. He makes me still as much fun as in the beginning!
One sees with fascination as the young D'Artagnan (Chris O'Donnell) is understood to deal already with the beautiful sword of his father, as well as with words: "Long live the Musketeers!"
Man grins on the naughty Portos, (Oliver Platt) "a sip of champagne, the gentlemen?" - "Porto, we are in the middle of a chase" - "You are right, red would be more appropriate."
Man with a fever over the escape of Aramis (Charlie Sheen), "Let us pray to God ..." - PENG - "On the other hand, what if God is not listening to now?"
And you "suffer" with the serious Athos (Kiefer Sutherland): ". The Count renounced his goods and his title and you never heard from him again - so you consider carefully whether you drink the love wish"
One would like to take the treacherous Cardinal (Tim Curry) in the butt most: "One for all - and more for me"
But most of you amused when all three Musketeers together: "Only a madman would try to arrest us twice on the same day!" - "You are under arrest!" - "He is crazy" ...
There are so many of these examples, even though the Three Musketeers has very little more earlier to do in this case with the original of, it's a lively impressive film with serious actors such as Lady de Winter (Rebecca De Mornay) the full of grace and elegance embodied their role, and an amusing spectacle, an equally rousing how wonderful passes the time, and not at all boring. Really succeeded - indeed!

Price-performance winner 4 1 Rank: 5/5
August 19
Undercooked and full of bugs Rank: 1/5
March 23
nice little ballerina Rank: 3/5
August 12
Combi pack 32 B Rank: 3/5
April 2
Like opening a big door ... Rank: 5/5
August 31

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