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Dragon Age II (uncut) (computer game)

Customer Review

Well what can I say after many hours of play I give even a cautious review from, plus I see Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, I have the game but not yet exactly as the previous speakers.
Nevertheless, I must unfortunately connect their opinion vollens.

Comparison of "Dragon Age: Origins" abbreviated (DAO) to "Dragon Age 2 (Signature Edition)" DA2 abbreviated:

STORY / game world:

In DAO simply epic, a known setting of Lord of the Rings combined with great attention to detail
many NPC and befriended group members that a grow fond and sometimes are much more than just friends ...;) The story though was mostly predictable but ingeniously staged, yet always exciting.

In DA2, however, just boring to play, Kirkwall bothers really after a certain period, hardly interactive NPCs hardly interesting side quests (there are exceptions) .The game world is very wooden and "empty" even though there are plenty of NPCs .... convey this However, the impression of belonging rather than a backdrop to enliven the city somehow.

CONCLUSION: Dragon Age 2, with respect to the story just does not keep up with its predecessor and offers bleak and monotonous level NPCs and the story of the game world, but I would nevertheless by Amazon Standart give well-intentioned 3 stars.


For DOA that was simply very balanced gameplay sometimes even too hard what I always considered to be very demanding and interesting habe.Die Fights needed some preparation, a real vote of the group and their capabilities, equipment and organizations and lyriumtränke had to be there a little personally etc ...
in difficult fights had also the position of the group members are determined to win at all.

In DA2 "hack and slash" much more can this also actually not sagen.Ich play a mage do occasionally firestorm NEN fireball, NEN Chain Lightning etc and everything falls um.Die "enemy" if you want it nenen so are more cannon fodder is meant almost they are already at the slightest cough dead to ... I've used a single drink or have died I played most of the time on the difficulty "means" but this simply stupid is even a more difficult level makes the game not much more interesting.
I'd like to write more on this but much more gabs so far not done.

Conclusion: Bioware what you have done to us only your "more action but also tactics ..." drivel went really backfires I appreciate you very much and DAO was a masterpiece but please let something in the future that's really almost no RPG. ..sry I say this as clearly muss.Gebe 1-2 stars for the gameplay are well-intentioned.


For this I must unfortunately not facing the for me these are as good as identical the graphics are OK but one is even better accustomed to the sound is quite good but not outstanding.

Conclusion: Can there be a clear conscience but 3-4 star although I would have liked the graphics more polished.

Game overall:

Well Bioware of firecrackers was not I have loved you for a lot of games and Dragon Age: Origins is framed on the chimney ...: P I loved this game and honestly about by played 10 times and 100 times I can re angefangen.Aber you say the same for Dragon Age 2, this is "definitely" not be the case.
If this game only rudimentary as its predecessor had succeeded .... but it's not, unfortunately.

The default Char story was already directly to the beginning when I did not feel comfortable and this Hack and Slay based gameplay .... people that's almost no more role-playing game.
Where are the 6 different prologues and intros, where the attention to detail, where the close friends to your NPC everything that I loved about DAO and just missing here unfortunately.

Conclusion: Give a total of 3 really really well-intentioned Sterne.Bin forgive just extremely disappointed when my review but a little tighter than planned ausfällt.Guter Tip playing the demo or wait until the game is cheaper I think it will happen soon.

MFG: Golden

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