Blattanex - "Extinction"

Blattanex - "Extinction"

Bayer 79507275 garden ants scattering and GieÃ? Medium, 500 g (garden products)

Customer Review

have a large balcony with large planters. Since last year I've noticed occasional ants that did not bother me initially. The mild winter is then obviously get him well, definitely wanted this year not really get into gear about a third of Pfanzen (stonecrop, lavender, fig, and even birch Dogwood). Lack growth, aphids, spider mites etc were on the agenda. In return, the ants were almost everywhere. Bustling, tireless roads between the tubs were quasi permanent display. I just have to assume that they are related to the lack of growth and infestation of plants directly related, since they benefit from aphids, they almost cultivate known. They also seem to harm the roots and bear the earth from the pots to form small ants outpost before the rain.
After about 30 euros have invested in diverse organic bait boxes, which were virtually ignored by the ants (streets are just around the can run). Even if from time to time lost an ant in the cans had and may have fed even traces of it in the nest, no external effect was observed.
I do not need again to mention specially that all well-intentioned home remedies have (baking powder, coffee grounds, lemon oil) causes nothing more than possibly a 1-2 hour irritation.
2 tubs I have disposed of directly including earth and visible ant nests in the compost bin. The rest of the plants that I have drawn some himself, I would not give up without a fight. So I got me Blattanex spreading and dope.
Was a little skeptical because I thought the material would be something similar as in the bait boxes, only in scattered form, but it seems both an immediate contact poison, as well as eating bait poison to be (which is actually illogical, because the ants to contact hardly time would it still be borne in the construction and to feed.).
First, I have it only spread thinly on the paths between the tubs. And have noticed yes (as some critical voices in reviews, the ants run initially by the salt-like granules through. But they seem somewhat depend on the grain or glue to stay and act a bit confused. In fact, minutes after ca 5 to have the ant trails dissolved, or have retreated to the building. For safety, I have poured all bucket once vigorously with the prescribed dilution, was seen to water in the lower bowls. Over the next half hour I've isolated (~ 6-10) seen ants that apparently came back from other trips and the usual running paths got in contact with the granules. These few had a different length as drunk and were then dead. It was littered with no masses of dead ants, but you had rather look for them. Since then I have seen a single ant more, the ant population on my balcony so seems actually like extinguished.

There remains a certain satisfaction that is spoiled somewhat by a subliminally bad conscience, and to do without the certainty this year (lean) fig harvest from contaminated buckets prefer. For safety, I'm still in the autumn ausstauschen the ground and hope that the ants stay away forever.

Conclusion: Who has an ant problem, should resort to ants poison before it gets out of hand. Home remedies like baking soda and Co are just window dressing and loss of time.

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