Bluetooth headset in the lower price segment?  Only with small compromises.

Bluetooth headset in the lower price segment? Only with small compromises.

. CSL 440 Bluetooth headset / wireless headset including transport box | integrated battery | 200 hours standby / 10 hours for music / telephony | Noise Reduction function | suitable for: Tablets, laptops, cell phones / smartphones (Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, LG , Huawei, iPhone etc.) as well as HiFi and Mixer (Electronics)

Customer Review

As more and suffer with me corded headsets or headphones that I use on the road, with the time a loose connection, I thought to myself that it is perhaps time to get me something Wireless. So first off to the Saturn / Media Markt, to determine where they A. not exactly had what I liked and example only Overpriced. The exhibits of the headset that would perhaps come in question, did not need a trial basis with my smartphone to pair (Xperia Z1) and therefore I could not convince myself on the spot of their sounds.

On Amazon, I then my time invested pick out something that initially first optically like me, is in my budget and got the not too bad reviews. Since I chose this headset.

Who does not want to read long text, which can be happy scroll down to my resume.

The headset has a great look and is delivered in a soft case with one line-in and USB cable. However, this soft case is very large and just fits in my little student pocket. And unpacking yourself then confirmed what many reviews criticizing: the headset, and the Soft Case have a very strong, initially pungent chemical smell that dissipates after prolonged use. Only if there any health risks are associated with it, I can not say unfortunately. But I find it very good that Soft Case, USB and line-in cable included with.

The USB cable can connect the headset to the PC not only charge but also use. Here drivers are Windows then automatically downloaded and installed. The line-in cable makes the wireless headset, a wired, in the event that the battery goes empty road. But you can also connect to the speaker jack of his PCs. However, it invites the heaset only via USB. If you do not have PC to load available, you need a power plug with USB input, for example from your smartphone, for such is not included. The USB cable is a micro USB cable and can be theoretically for all devices that have a micro-USB connector, used ... theoretically. For my graphics tablet or my smartphone can not be used with the cable from the headset. But the headset itself has no problems with the cable. That should be simple to keep in mind. Over a Bluetooth stick I would not, incidentally, use the PC, but with my phone has no problems and playback via Bluetooth also works perfectly. Just do not anscheinden on PC. I have from time to time has brief interruptions of the signal, which very rarely even repeatedly occur. But on the whole I can hear through without problems music without interruptions said.

For battery life I can not say much, only that it should be a rather long term well possible, because I am so far never fall into the Predulie that my battery went empty. I was able to repeatedly over the weekend delivering newspapers (3 hrs. Each) and during the week heard on the way to the university music without my headset has gone out or something. That I have in between charged it anyway again sometime, it should be clear. If you charge the battery, is the full when the LED is colored from red to white.

The headset can be adjusted in size though, but not very far, and people with very large heads may find it difficult that the headset fits. I, for instance, use the maximum settable size, and suits me the headset barely. In addition, there are on-ear headphones that are not enclose the ears, but it lie what may well lead during extended wear means that the earpieces begin to hurt. However, there are cheaper representatives where it is quicker. The workmanship is very good for the price and it makes a high impression. The speakers are not fixed but loose fit and thus still remember a bit, so they fit perfectly, as long as the bow of the headset is large enough. Solely the buttons do not feel so high and have comic pressure points. The buttons also still provide easy for frustration, if you want to skipping the current song, but it is not simply react. You have the buttons, if you're unlucky, press several times to make them work. In addition, they respond with a not too long delay, which in my opinion anyway is a bit too long. Finally, about the operation directly on the smartphone is also no delay.

This brings me to the sound, because the beginning was a little disappointed me, but going after a not too long settling in fine. This is not necessarily bad, but it has to be somewhat adjusted with an equalizer. Through a very stark Bass go namely the highs slightly below and the sound seems a bit dull. If you like really strong bass, which is hereby well served. Incidentally, I hear Alternative, Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, say something like Anubis Gate, Billy Talent, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Nickelback, drowing pool, Ra etc. As I said, with an equalizer and after a brief familiarization with the sound but interferes with the hindsight not really. By and large, the sound is very good, but just very rich bass. If you use the headset on the PC but you have to give up an equalizer. One can also install for Windows, but I use the headset anyway just on the go. In principle, I would say that the headset is almost exclusively for listening to music. Operated via Bluetooth can be set to the headphones as high volume, but damages your hearing and can rattle the headset. I've had enough as ca 60 to 70% of the possible volume. If you connect the headset via the line-in cable to the phone, you have to keep in mind that the volume is much lower, but this also depends on how far the smartphone the volume may not be limited. Maybe this is also due to limited voltage. About Bluetooth headset but can be very noisy, which I advise against.

I can not say much, just that it has a standard telephony voice quality, you really can thus use on the mobile phone network only for calls using the microphone. In order to operate on PC voice chat or even to make any voice recordings, I would advise against.

For its price, the headset is not completely free from minor defects. Just the sound is getting used to because of strong bass and must be optimized with an equalizer may, so you can get used to it. However, this is full on the whole and all right. From the processing of the headset makes a high-quality impression, one and only the hotkeys make a not so high-end impression and are very unzuverläsig, if so, only with a delay. The size is adjustable in width and can pose for people with large heads may be a problem. The speakers are not fixed securely and can not easily nachanpassen. The headset does not have any problems with my phone or via BT dongle connected to my PC, but the PC you use it better than the included line-in cable or via USB. In addition, the signal BT sometimes stops for a very short moment, but falls only if care is taken very rarely, it may happen that the signal repeatedly breaks off short, say the sound is then very choppy. The battery can convince with a long life and if he then nevertheless times goes empty, you can connect the headset via the line-in cable with his cell phone. Under certain circumstances, one must then, however, take a limited volume into account, depending on the smartphone. There is also a USB cable supplied, which allows you to upload his headset and can connect to the PC, but this one can not use it for other devices. You can load it with a plug that has a USB input, but such is not included. For transporting the headset the headset is delivered in a soft case, which however is not as good fits into smaller bags. A bit annoying is the pungent chemical odor when the headset is unpacked for the first time, but the time flies.

That's headset quite satisfactory for the price. Finally, there is not much price down. This is one of the cheapest on-ear Bluetooth headset, which can be purchased. One or the other defect is acceptable and may be considered acceptable. Larger or even serious shortcomings are noticed in any way. On the whole, the price of the quality perfectly fine, good value for technically. I find here four stars very reasonable. So if something wireless needs to listen to music on the go from and which is hereby well served, provided they not interfere with the stark bass.

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