Bombastic, Genial, Just Within Temptation

Bombastic, Genial, Just Within Temptation

Frozen (Premium) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Within Temptation come with FROZEN therefore a serious issue and a todtrauriges, but also ingenious video, so you know immediately, I am, I'll stay, I'll always be a fan of Within Temptation ..

And then, but this is written, VIDEO ONLY ON THE PREMIUM EDITION TOP (but the money for this single will be a good use for the benefit), the horny video for The Howling, so when I saw this video, wow I thought what a horny singer , pretty, no elfin plus their five elves and men can be when you see this video to dive into a new world, and therefore the video looks determined more than once ...

On the FROZEN single and the song SOUNDS OF FREEDOM is enhalten, previously unpublished until then, and people I can only say fantastic, elfin and easy WT ...

In conclusion, I can only say buy buy buy

As usual fast delivery Rank: 4/5
December 9
nice BD player Rank: 5/5
October 18
Perfect for bubbles Rank: 3/5
February 17

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