Brilliant sound

Brilliant sound

TaoTronics® portable Bluetooth speaker (wireless & mobile, 10 hours battery life, 10 m range, built-in microphone, USB & AUX input, NFC-compatible) (Electronics)

Customer Review

My son loves Bluetooth speakers and a he is not only happy themselves. But a passion for collecting must have indeed children. About this Bluetooth Speaker, my son has really pleased and he was also tested immediately when he arrived.

=== The TaoTronics portable Bluetooth speakers ===

Packed compact and very sure the speaker arrives home. In addition to the speaker is located in the carton still charging cable, an auxiliary cable for connecting devices to a Bluetooth, a separate battery and a little book, where everything important is there described. The speaker has a length of about 16.8 cm, a width of about 4 cm and a height of about 5 cm. So beautiful Small and compact. The loudspeaker is black in color and has a soft rubber coating. This provides one ehr feel good already when touching. Visually, it looks very classy and makes at first sight a high-quality impression.

On top of the speaker are three buttons namely two and the volume to make louder or softer, and the Multifunction button. Next to it is NFC, which means here you can quickly establish a connection with an NFC enabled device. And then you still have the microphone. On the back you have the battery cover where the battery is inserted, the AUX port, the Micro USB charging port, the LED display and the on-off switch. Everything kept very compact and easy to get to all the things very well off. Since the individual points are labeled, you know immediately what it is. On the bottom of each speaker has two large rubber feet. The offer a perfect grip and also loud music the speaker does not slide back and forth.

In order to ensure transport safety, the battery was placed separately here. I find a great thing and you can use very fast itself him. Just open the cover of the battery compartment, insert battery and reseal. I find really convenient because one can also replace the battery time.

As the speakers here he was only charged once arrived. I charged on my notebook the speakers with the USB cable. The LED indicator on the back of the speaker glowed red when charging and turns off once the battery is full. After about 90 minutes the lights went out and the battery was fully charged.

I have the speakers with different phone tried as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and a Nokia phone. On all devices, the coupling worked flawlessly, and the speaker was immediately recognized. Simply put back on the speaker button to On and then he automatically goes into pairing mode. You can see it in mind that the LED flashes rapidly in blue. Activate Now, only on the iPhone Bluetooth and in just seconds the device is found and can be coupled. If the connection is successful the LED turns blue and a beep sounds. And then you can start already.

Most important for a Bluetooth speaker is of course sounded and I was surprised here really positive. So a sound I had the small box not have expected! Even at maximum volume hardly rumble or distortion has been made. The sound has amazing volume and sounds really good. Even the basses are well, despite the obviously small soundboard. The sound is really really nice and clear and I am thrilled. The little box is actually amazingly loud. One party is thus nothing in the way. I have scared me right when I put it on full blast. The house can thus be quite entertaining. We travel a lot with the bike and we have the speaker always there. So you can listen to music the way and it's not so boring. Again, I can only report positive. The sound is clear, completely fault free and also outside in the wind, you can hear the bass significantly.

The compound is also very stable and I can easily go to the speakers on the balcony and have the iPhone are in the kitchen. In between are three thick walls and the connection does not break off.

The quieter and louder keys I can also track forward and rewind. Simply press and hold the volume up a little longer and then the next title is jumped and just at the quieter button to the previous song.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the operating time. I can actually listen to music for 10 hours with a full battery. Ideal for him to take to the beach in summer. If the battery level is low even hear a regular beep. So you know exactly when the battery needs to be charged .. Five minutes later, the unit automatically off.

Since the speaker also has a microphone and a built-in speakerphone, so I can take even answer calls. Again, I can not fault reports. I can understand my interlocutor very well, with no noise or other disturbing noise, everything is clearly over and I'm perfectly understood.

Class is also that I can connect the box with not Bluetooth-enabled devices. Simply connect the AUX cable and you can also listen to music through the device.

=== === The manual

Actually you need for this Laeutsprecher no manual because it is self-explanatory. But included is a small booklet and here once the speaker is explained in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Firstly, well illustrated, so that you can see the individual functions and also writing very easy to understand. Everyone gets along with this manual and it is really time Top. But the speaker is understood anyway by themselves and who ever had a Bluetooth speaker, even without a manual handle immediately.

=== === The Range

The manufacturer specifies a range of 10 meters, as is so common with Bluetooth speakers. I can move into my apartment and freely without the interference occurs or failures. Only the bathroom he has problems. If I have my iPhone are in the living room, disconnects in the bathroom. But I do not think that it is the Speaker, as we have with all appliances in the bathroom problems. Either there is the wall too thick or another disorder is causing this problem. I can sit on the balcony with the loudspeakers and there listen to music without the interference occurs. Because it does not matter where I have the iPhone are, whether in the kitchen or living room, the sound comes Impeccable over.

=== === Processing

The speaker is really Processed top. There are no sharp corners or edges, everything is very stable, the buttons are firmly attached and do not wobble, and they also respond immediately. It is small and portable and you can take with it anywhere. The operation is very easy and I can even take calls and calls. In addition, he also has a really nice design. Even the surface is quite insensitive and even if I constantly have it in my pocket until now are no scratches to see it.

=== === My conclusion

I am very excited by this small speaker. The music comes over noise free and clear, and especially me, the bass performance impressed. The sound quality is really Spitzenmäßig. It is very easy to use, the buttons respond immediately to pressure and also make calls that makes fun with it. From me he gets five thick asterisk.

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