But still a lot to improve a lot of potential

But still a lot to improve a lot of potential

Asus O! Play HDP-R1 HD Go Play (HDMI output, USB 2.0) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have the box now since the weekend and am actually quite peace with the part.

What you want, namely play my mkv files from 720p to 1080p incl. DTS sound, makes good quality. The audio and video quality is very good indeed. Since there is nothing wrong. Access via CIFS (Windows PC) or Samba (my Dreambox 800) go smoothly. It is stable when viewing pleasure also. When the film runs then it runs well.

Now the not so good things.

* No 24HZ for mkv files
* Already crashed a couple of times While browsing the network drive
* Misstatement of umlauts in subtitles for MKV files (AVI / DivX is ok)
* Network Performance max. 25-40 Mbit. Can lead to jerks in good 1080p Releases
* FB with bad wide. With my Harmony 885, it's better.
* No time jumps by timecode.

Consider times the problems, I think that these are solvable through out. 24Hz material is reasonably look with 1080p60Hz. It all depends every 10 seconds to a stuttering but noticeable only when panning.

Crashed subtitles Bug, time jumps should be rectified by a FW update. Network performance could be improved by NFS support.

Only the FB is probably a permanent problem. Because what could bring another FB as the Logitech Harmony's. The post with more power.

Can I recommend the box otherwise? For me, yes. The basic functions go yes and if the movie will play once, then there is also no crashes, etc. Especially if you need network access for the ASUS part is really worth considering. DTS audio is also in contrast to the WD TV output if desired as a stereo on the TV with.

If other problems are fixed, then recommended the device really. At the moment, unfortunately, still with some restrictions.

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