C30 ???

C30 ???

HCG globules (globules gonadotropin, HCG diet) (Health and Beauty)

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The writes Anne Hild the book wrote the HCG diet on high potencies globules such as C30.

Why not gonadotropin C30 globules?

With great concern that I see the development that there are more and more users that make the HCG diet or Stoffwechselkur with homeopathic globules in higher powers and this is partly for months.
In my book, I would specifically point out not to make the diet with homeopathic drops or globules in higher power such as C30. These funds belong in the hands of experienced homeopaths! Powers at this level are normally occupied only 1 times a week and even then only if they have been selected by an experienced homeopath professionally by the principle of similarity, as this can lead to so-called drug trials with significant complaints otherwise.
With gonadotropin was still carried out no official drug test with subjects such as the normally for detecting the symptoms with homeopathic substances occurs. So we do not know in detail what symptoms produces the weeks of taking gonadotropin in healthy people.
Here are growing just lately got requests from people who by hCG (eg gonadotropin C30) develop unwanted symptoms. These range from dizziness, nausea, fatigue to heart palpitations. Even pregnancy-like symptoms occur.
Most people assume that higher powers can not hurt, because anyway no more substance is contained. Exactly the opposite is the case. From my many years of practical experience as a classical homeopath I know what happens when you indiscriminately over a longer period using medium and higher potencies. No one can predict how long a week taking gonadotropin C30 affects the reproductive capacity and other areas. I recommend globules in higher powers not for the diet.
Anne Hild

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