Can only positive reports about the article!

Can only positive reports about the article!

Vau Screengards - Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 5, 5S & 5C (set of 6: ultra transparent protective film, invisible) (Electronics)

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History and competitors:

So I've spent some films, among others atFoliX the FX-Clear but which were quite good but quite expensive when you consider that you only get 2 fronts for scarce 6 Euro. Added to this is that I have to try it with two failed to apply to the front of the slides without dust inclusions and since there is only the complete package I would not buy it again.
Next I have tried a cheap film to stick that was in my folding leather case here. Well what can I say, in light reflections rainbow artifacts had so useless!
Then I had on my iPhone 3GS was still a mat film by atFoliX is only in such films lost focus and always a lot of contrast which is a no-go for me. The farther I had a film of invisibleSHIELD only are these much too thick and have a good feel of what the display glass of the iPhone completely destroyed. In addition, the film was wavy when you looked back light mirroring was highly distorted.
So I'm just reached out to a completely different manufacturer, the rest seemed to me just do not deliver what I wanted for a human price.
Well Vau has at the present time (without my Rezission 7 ratings in all those 5/5 stars awarded) after a brief skim through the film was quickly appointed by superPod. Film came in a plain envelope and delivery was also the period.

To the article:

I am just thrilled. 6 films in which also front and rear are again protected the film, what a scratch when bubbles "push out" for 4.90 euros and prevents you allow even with harder edges - just super. One does not, for example, at the atFoliX films.
Have managed with the 2nd film an absolutely perfect result to get. No bubbles, no dust conclusion no Blaschenränder and not stick out of the edges. (Bin how exquisite to my previous history with films and I am now also practiced something in it :) equal to a few more tips)
The film has to have unlike any other film described above, only one recess for FaceTime cam and the speaker (and the Home button) which looks much better than three holes in the foil. Thus, the film is even less than she anyway does.
The cut is not quite 100% TIG perfect - is what not to do by default tolerances and the films. Nevertheless, the film is very well cut out so that it survives anywhere (that I'm talking about the distances between speakers and Home button, and the distances of the two cutouts on the top and bottom edges). Intervals the film as I have now applied to the edges of the phone are incredibly low. The greatest distance I now estimated is approximately 0.3 mm. I will make even closeups of the individual intervals and upload them.
On average, I guess the distances to about 0.1 to 0.15 mm will possibly correct here when I measured it with a vernier caliper.

My tip (which I preach each when applying films on display):

Worried you a little atomizer (eg to clean lenses), then sprayed the sheets one to be then glued to the display screen with a little water (goes without saying that the protection needs to be done for it also). Most preferably, the amount of water is distributed when 25-35cm from the atomizer foil hangs up his hand and facing the display can show up. Then press it once or twice on the atomizer. It should then no water beads drip when the film now stands vertical.
Well, hang on a corner of the display / mobile phones, the film carefully and accurately, pressing with the thumb or another finger and "roll" the film slowly. If you just got a slight angle or noted that the film is not perfect just sits still in the film roll as far back from the screen to remove them to "turn" can be corrected respectively. The center around the rotating one is fixed with the foil on the corner of his fingers.
If the film is now exactly aligned and that is done the rough is now the water / air bubbles under the film with your fingernail or with the plastic thing that comes to be pushed out.
With the water to even the smallest air bubbles can push out or if you're lucky even small dust grains. But if we have still managed to generate any dust inclusions one has a perfect score.
Until the water under the film is completely dry can still take well a day or two, it goes faster when the display often has on that phone is hot or sun on the phone seems. I prefer "Water bubbles" expel applied directly after. After all, you then directly a perfect result but this also makes more work than just push out air.

am satisfied 66 Rank: 3/5
March 8
Prima shine! Rank: 4/5
March 16
Airbrush Pro Rank: 5/5
December 9
unusable, returned to amazon Rank: 1/5
September 20
beautiful functional object 1 Rank: 4/5
April 25
A very good quality bench Rank: 5/5
March 12

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