'Can you do an internship with you'?  Great listening fun, the shows, which is still in Europe!

'Can you do an internship with you'? Great listening fun, the shows, which is still in Europe!

And the Dreitag (Audio CD)

Customer Review

It is indeed no longer present often that a new ??? Hoerspiel exclusively positive 5-star rating gets. But the Special deserves the positive review in any case, because it turned out really well. I'm just back a little amusing, if a 'positive development' is listed here because the simultaneously published sequence 141 shows so, at what low level the 'Standard consequences' are. But the 'dreiTag' was preceded by many years of planning and it is consuming, ie just too expensive produced. 3 great stories that are loose interconnected than it seems at first, are commanded and actually all 3 at the same high level of previous days. A (an indicated) murder and a fatal accident are relatively strong stuff-but the exciting stories give the forth and it does not act to adult or placed. It is the stories of great benefit that is determined in Rocky Beach and the film projector is a very appropriate tool to undertake a 'journey' to the past. But besides the big action, it is the love for small details that make the consequences actually special stored. Maud 'George' Ackermann comes to the cafe, their dog barking and she says: 'Behave' you Timmy, we are only guests' A 5-second scene 35 years Europe-Hoerspielgeschichte summarizes ... great! Emphasize praise you must of course the speakers, especially Bob and Peter. In talks with his father or Miss Bennet of the library Bob is very sympathetic and authentic for a young adult and Peter's pride when he is asked by a fan for an autograph also looks very natural. Ever gave me the 'Peter-series' most liked: After two scary consequences here of Oberhammer: The ??? threatens to disintegrate as Blacky is kidnapped! When Peter then razor sharp, but of course wrong, concludes: 'My mother Blacky kidnapped!' Because I laughed really heartily. The casting in the junkyard is finally a crowning final: '? Can we with you also first time to do an internship', asks a candidate before then Sascha 'Tim' Draeger announced confidently: 'I kick' you every door '! Only Maude 'George' Ackermannn can still beat: 'I have a cousin and a cousin who also want to participate. Is this also? Then we would be fifth-the five friends'! It will be excavated plenty of other stars, but one end of it are yet again Juergen Thormann or Horst Naumann the positive notice. And as icing on the cake is actually 1-2 old Orchesterstuecke reinstated-nice, but there's much, much more game to the top! But even the short inserts remind me of how important the music is, for total success. Man, when Europe opens finally complete its archives ?! In short, ladies and gentlemen in Europe have not forgotten how to Hoerspielmachen. If you invest time, money and brain power, then you can still produce great audio plays. I would 2 specials per year rather than the rather trivial 'Massenware'-but Sony BMG is certainly not because of the fans, but short-term look at the purse ...

OK ... though ... Rank: 5/5
August 9
Almost perfect 311 Rank: 4/5
August 21
Good buy 341 Rank: 5/5
February 2

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