Canon EOS 1200D in test

Canon EOS 1200D in test

Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 7.5 cm (3 inch) LCD display, Full HD) body only (Electronics)

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I have copied the review of my blog below. More information and many test pictures can be found here:

Canon EOS 1200D BodyErst few weeks ago Canon introduced the successor of the 1100D: the Canon EOS 1200D. The changes from the predecessor listen to innovative, as they should be. So it is believed at least, if we compare the data sheets. Shortly after the presentation of the 1200D, I have already explained here some differences. The four-digit DSLRs from Canon are the best entry point into the mirror flipping end world. Therefore I have in this report also explains some things that could be one or the other reader already known, the beginners are but certainly helpful. But anticipate it should be mentioned that the Canon EOS 1200D is not particularly innovative SLR. She was even reduced somewhat artificial and only offers things that other cameras have been around for many years. Nevertheless, the EOS 1200D is an excellent entry-level SLR that offers all the options that also needs an experienced photographer.

I myself have started several years ago to enter the digital SLR world with a Canon EOS 1000D. And when I look at me some pictures of the old 10MP Schlurre, I keep seeing that my Canon 6D with an expensive L-lens often makes no better pictures, but is twice as heavy. Therefore I was very reminiscent of days gone by with the 1200D, the tour, and I have used a better lens. Who who can!

But first, a brief overview of the main technical features:

good 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor
3 frames / second
3 inch display with mediocre 460,000 pixels
Full HD 1080p Video
To learn manual App
Is the technical equipment adequate?

Canon EOS 1200D BodyIch have already indicated, yes! Many have begun to understand, the question whether the Canon EOS 1200D is really what the beginner needs. If you put no specific requirements to a DSLR and your focus is not on extreme areas of photography, the 1200D you will make you happy. You basically offers everything a 6,000 DSLR offers. Here and there are, of course, compromising in quality and quantity, but you'll just be able to make a lot of photos that do not need to be different from those of professionals. Basically makes 90% of the photographer's image and not the camera. I can think of a few pictures, which I would absolutely really need thousands of euro expensive camera. What could you be limited to the EOS 1200D most likely, are the 3 frames / second and the slightly fuzzy display. Did you not have a problem, you will not limit the 1200D in your skills.

Mostly limit cheap lenses the creativity of the photographer. Often certain image can be made only with certain lenses. Therefore, it is anyway advisable to first spend rather less money for the housing and set aside for better lenses. I deliberately used a better Canon lens for the sample images. More on this later.


Outstanding! At least all the things you can see and touch. I like the small Canon DSLR's very. The small and lightweight housing 480 grams of 1200D good tack and is really good in the hand, in my, at least, and I have long claws fat. All buttons are located where they are suspected. The pressure point is very good and you get a small acoustic feedback. The shutter button is a little stiff in the trigger function, most newcomers come good this separate pressure points but benefit. The new matt rough housing Canon fallen very good. The material feels very grippy and the case - the body - is very well made. Only the preview button and a dedicated ISO button fail me, where newcomers that should be first matter. All in all, an exemplary case in very good quality, at least if you zuhält his ears.

Sure, I've heard a lot of cameras and am therefore a little spoiled. But the shutter sound of the 1200D is the worst thing I had heard so far. It sounds a little alcohol and sometimes even very tinny. To pass over to it unfortunately neither. Nice is not, but makes the pictures are not bad.

I've created a little unboxing video, you can see by the camera a little better.

Picture quality

Absolutely sufficient! Here an experienced photographer will miss little self. Of course, the dynamic range of the images is not comparable to those of professional cameras, still can be incredibly more out of a RAW image much. Too bright sky can be as simple something to be darkened or underexposed image areas are brightened somewhat. Here the RAW images provide good reserves. The entry will understandably also ask whether the Canon 1200D makes for even sharp images in high quality. I would add that a sharp image is part of far more than just a good digital SLR camera like. Of course, the EOS 1200D delivers very good sharp pictures, but this assumes a good lens. The kit lens of the 1200D, the Canon 18-55mm is okay to start with. However, miracles should not be expected therefrom. Every little more experienced photographer will invest at least 3 times the price of DSLR lenses in. These are in fact far more decisive for the image quality.

Those who want to get an idea of ​​the possibilities of RAW Bildbeabeitung the 1200D, which I have put together a small package of 6 images that you can download to you here:
Canon EOS 1200D RAW Download

And now some sample pictures are still so fallen out of the Canon 1200D as JPG files. Was used a Canon 17-40mm L lens, but this later.

Below I have three magnifications (Crops) appended, so you can assess the sharpness in detail a little better.

The other automatic functions that allow the image formed easier, Canon are used well. The white balance adjusts almost always perfect. The exposure also sits mostly right, where you can also something additional taxes here by a slight over- or underexposure. Autofocus is fast, the 8 AF sensors are not cross-type sensors on the sides and a little less focused fail when the middle sensor. The colors are very realistic, sometimes even a little too pale. This can be made up through the post or by image styles but and is common in SLR.


Often images of laymen are called "pixelated" if they are noisy. The noise occurs at a higher ISO in darker environments. Depending on height, the ISO, the brighter the image. And here is one of the biggest criticisms: the 1200D rushes a little too much. Anyone traveling in daylight often, may not be impressed them. But who photographed situations much at dusk and in "dodgy", should carefully consider the purchase of an EOS 1200D. Traditionally leaves Canon - whether intentionally or not - the entry-level DSLR's rushing relatively strong.

Up to ISO 800 everything is okay. With ISO 1600 you can already see the noise a bit, but it is still tolerable and adequate for home use and smaller prints. After that it is bad but. ISO 3200 kriselt very and should only be used in exceptional cases. ISO 6400 is sufficient even for very small snapshots, but is so no longer usable. ISO 12800 is unfortunately a joke.

I shot a few test pictures with all the ISO's. Please note, however, that it is somewhat brighter picture details. In practice, the noise can not see quite as extreme. I did this only made so that the difference between ISO 100 and ISO 12800 and is really clear. Another little tip: If the images were rushing greatly, just in black / white convert, then the noise does not bother so much more.

Recommended Lenses

Canon EOS 1200D mentioned with Canon EF 17-40mm LWie, the lens plays a vital role, which is some unknown. In addition to the cost, but already reasonably good Canon 18-55mm, I recommend everyone Eisteiger a 50mm 1.8 lens, but this is not designed for multiple use on a 1200D. By the image sensor in APS-C format, the focal length by a factor of 1.6 extended. Thus, the focal length of 50mm to a 80mm lens (50mm x 80mm = 1.6) corresponds actually. On the small 1200D also makes the Canon 40mm 2.8 Pancake lens very well. The disadvantage of the fixed focal length is clear: there is only one focal length. The picture quality, however, is phenomenal for a relatively low starting price. You also have often a high light intensity, increasing the blur effect by a smaller depth of field. If you want to have a little more focus, the Canon 55-250mm IS lens when it comes to price / performance is unbeatable.

By default, push there in my opinion, two good lenses that needed just not have to be extremely expensive. In addition to the very good and sharp Canon 15-85mm IS, I use the Canon 17-40mm L lens very happy. The latter is even an L-lens, which has a completely different quality. New I would not necessarily buy those lenses, since the prices are much cheaper second hand and a lens - so far it has been treated properly - is virtually wear-free. A little expensive but also better and brighter is the Canon 17-55 2.8 IS.

Canon EOS 1200D with attached Canon EF 17-40mm L:

But I would first advise to the cheap 18-55mm kit lens and save on a Canon 40mm 2.8, insofar as one does not want to spend too much money. And this I assume simply times the prospects of a Canon EOS 1200D.

Video mode

Works! Canon has finally managed a 1080p, so use a Full HD video mode. This works extremely well, as with other DSLR's also. You just have to focus manually. But but you can also adjust the video manually by selecting the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Since the internal microphone is not so good and you can not connect an external microphone to the EOS 1200D, you should therefore use an external recording device, insofar as one speculates on a good quality.

To be honest: each entry is with an iPhone better off! You have to pay attention to relatively many things to create really good videos. However, if you some appropriates knowledge, the 1200D can also be used as a very good video camera. In the following video a few short listless and useless sequences have lined up;)


Because there is a lot of. Of course, first is the predecessor to call. The Canon 1100D but can relatively little and still costs enough. Who wants to spend very little money and usually photographed in daylight, should look at a used EOS 1000D times. The have been around for a few Euros and still makes good pictures. That's why she is also still in my closet.

And then of course there's the older three-digit Canons. I still have a Canon 500D lying around here that I like to use for time-lapse recordings. You can at least as much as the 1200D and has a very good display. It costs less than a used 1200D, where there is often no guarantee of course.

And of course there is also the Canon 550D and 600D, which are used partly to get cheap. Nikon's competitor is the Nikon D3300 or D3200 but they are slightly more expensive. Sony still has a good A58 in the program that I have already tested here. Who wants to have it again, better and smaller, the Canon 100D looks at that I had been here and of course the current three-digit Canon EOS 700D, which is the next higher model anyway.


I do hope that I could help one or the other something at his DSLR orientation. The Canon EOS 1200D is designed for the average beginner probably a good choice can make good pictures. Technically, there are all the important features, which are not always very efficient. If you want more must pay more. Therefore, there is indeed an affordable entry DSLR - like the Canon 1200D.

An advantage over equally good and better used SLR is of course the warranty that. Even if you're not sure, you can still order the 1200D online and give back if not satisfied within a certain period. This should be done only in exceptional cases, it should be clear.

How do you like the Canon EOS 1200D? Are you going to buy you or rather resort to another camera?

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