Casio EX-F1: great concept, unfortunately not implemented convincingly

Casio EX-F1: great concept, unfortunately not implemented convincingly

Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1 High Speed ​​Digital Camera (6 Megapixels, 12x opt. Zoom, 60 pictures / sec., 7.1 cm (2.8 inch) display, HD video) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Have the camera bought almost 2 weeks ago, mainly because of the promising continuous shooting functions and the relatively large sensor with only 6 MPixeln, which I promised better quality images than of the today current "noise generators" with 10 and more MPixeln on mini-sensors. But after the first pictures came to a little disappointment, they seemed all a bit "dull". That's why I together amount lent me without further ado, I could get in a rush comparable and have compared the F1 with different motives, sensitivities, focal lengths and exposure to the following cameras:

- Canon EOS350D (8 Mpixel, with Canon 70-300IS)
- Canon S5IS (8 Mpixel, 12x zoom)
- Nikon S10 (6 megapixels, 10x zoom)
- Panansonic FZ3 (3 Mpixel, 12x zoom)
- Panansonic TZ2 (6 megapixels, 10x zoom)
- Panansonic TZ5 (9 megapixels, 10x zoom)

The result I had not expected:
Only the images of Panasonic TZ2 were even worse than those of F1, even 4-year-old Panasonic FZ3 with only 3 Mpixeln delivered vivid, detailed images. By far the best pictures of the mega-zoom cameras supplied the Canon S5IS (although not just for good pictures famous). The EOS350D plays (as expected) in a league of its own, with the price range incl. Lens of F1 comes closest.

In the video recording, the F1 returns clearly the best results of all tested cameras, also significantly better than Canon S5IS (VGA) and Panasonic TZ5 (HD 1280 * 720), if there would not only be of virtually ineffective image stabilization, the de facto use a tripod forces. For a current HD camcorder (Panasonic HDC-SD9) the F1 looks but overall still quite old from.

Here are my subjective and certainly incomplete summary of the strengths and weaknesses of F1:

- Continuous shooting are really sensational
- To switch on (even after firmware update to V1.02 not really convincing) fairly quickly
- Good lens, relatively low distortion, low fringing
- Good, intuitive operating concept
- Manual controls for all important recording parameters (but unfortunately not for the noise cancellation)
- Series of images with varying different parameters possible
- Auto ISO limit at ISO 400
- Good battery life per charge, even with intensive use of continuous shooting
- Shooting in RAW format possible (eg to protect against the camera-internal noise cancellation)
- For a digital camera good video results, acceptable compression artefacts, small file sizes through efficient MPEG4 Codec

- Very weak image stabilizer, characterized long lenses without a tripod be restricted
- Brutal noise cancellation destroyed details, photos act "weichgespuelt" (JPG)
- Very long memory time series of images (! About 1 sec per image on Class 6 SDHC card), at this time, the camera is not ready for operation. Not be canceled when first started. The usability of the camera such as at sporting events severely limits
- Autofocus assist lamp, despite problems in low light conditions
- Video Modes Image Stabilizer by weak suffered from limitations, even here quite strong noise cancellation, moderate tone. Results overall still far from the quality of a current HD camcorder
- For what is offered too expensive

My Conclusion:
The F1 is the combination of an extremely average digital camera with an extremely average HD camcorder at an extremely self-conscious price, whose only real highlight are the really great continuous shooting, let which make high extremly average images that you ever make with any other camera could. As a camcorder spare the F1 unfortunately no good especially because of the bad image stabilizer.

Without the super-fast burst modes are available for less than half the price of a F1 significantly better mega zoom cameras; or better for a similar price a good DSLR with appropriate lens and to orders of magnitude results. And also video friends get for the same money a much better HD camcorders.

If you really need the continuous shooting functions and for being willing to take the moderate image quality in purchasing, comes to this camera, however, is currently not around.

Update, also to avoid misunderstandings:

Who among "PanasoniCasiOlympuSonyetc.-Point'n'shoot-small sensor many megapixel Knips boxes" of the model years 2005-2008 Pictures of the variety "as-mud-as-possible" is so far accustomed to is enthusiastic about the image quality of F1 be. See comparison to Panasonic TZ2. In particular, however, the comparison against an EOS350D with reasonably good lens must be permitted, because that's the price level at which moves the F1. If the F1 costs only 350 euros, she had by me 4 stars get: two stars, I would have it for the well in this class is not really convincing image quality and in particular still refused because of the bad image stabilizer an extra she had for the great continuous shooting get. A good image stabilizer is in my eyes but an absolute key feature for a mega-zoom camera (and this has nothing to do with fast continuous shooting), but he decides to a large extent on the practical usability of the long focal lengths. And camcorder without image stabilizer were unacceptable 10 years ago, there also helps no HD. Especially at longer focal lengths can still salvage something no me known software from wobbling.
The issue of "noise / noise cancellation" I would not be further deepen the reader, I recommend the following website: "[...]".
Otherwise, I can only guess, to match the individual relevance of these criticisms with their own standards and to assess for themselves every (potential) buyers. Those wishing to take only his deductions 10x15 photos or record the starting behavior of the common housefly, is the F1 well served (but were you to me for it too expensive). Who but additionally also still technically good would like to make "normal" photos, should be aware of the limits of F1 aware and know what image quality with other products is possible for the same money. And also there will be any time soon enough professional tests of the camera, which many then perhaps more familiar. First I have (unfortunately too late) discovered just below "[...]" ...
And I would like to clarify the following inaccuracies:
1) Storing 60 images will take exactly 60 seconds but (just exactly measured at normal filesize) 48 seconds (Class 6 card), but this is still an eternity in my eyes and paralyze the camera for too long. The best 3 or 4 to manually select Before from 60 images and then save them only, takes, at least for me, even longer. But one does not have to always take pictures with 60 fps, then do it often significantly less images.
2) The switch to firmware update SHALL held previously about 7 sec. For about 4 seconds, but that's still significantly slower than in some competitors and not just snapshot fit.
3) Some "total Abtuerze" (firmware 1.02) with data loss, perhaps due to "clumsy" operation while saving manuel selected images of a series, do not contribute necessarily to learn the love F1.

Update 25.06.2008

At least with respect to the storage time of a series of images the camera is better than described above. Apparently, I'm fallen to a defective card no-name, with a Panasonic 8GB Class 6 card takes to save a series of 60 images "only" 19 sec. Still very long, but already much better. The "Total crashes" but unfortunately still occur sporadically, which is apparently not on the map.

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