Casper - The world hears me

Casper - The world hears me

The World Hear Me (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Bielefeld has never been a rap stronghold, it is Casper hardly be, but at least something is there which has created "the world listens me" calls. This is a mixtape, the aforementioned Casper, who, after he returned from America, where he had emigrated as a child, through this tape could look forward to much applause from the scene. Although sounds "back," first real track on the album, not very different from the rest, but already "read lips", which is supplied on the wonderful Obie Trice Beat "Do not Come Down," the Casper is something special , With a lot of melancholy and lyrical depth it creates Casper to captivate his listeners. The same gillt for "pressure". Wonderful quiet, soulful beats and good flow in combination with deep lyrics, witnesses another banger. "Stop the pressure was - let it flow, if a chapter opens must close an old". Battle tracks high Punchline Niveu are plentiful. These include "Letz Fetz", "The hut is burning", "Caspers City" and "propeller". All of these tracks are lined with super beats. This includes "pure magic". Here the sound is already pitched almost exaggerated in the height, that's almost ridiculous. Nevertheless manage Casper and Lump give their Sexstories and battle punchlines here the best. Regarding gillt same blessed the audience for "Always Fly" along with Kollegah, which however ├╝berrschend not spittet in top form, but Casper with a great part to the beat. A pensive number follows with "fag break". A quiet beat, with now and then a trumpet in the background. Again deep lyricism and good flows round off a very good tape, which only ends with the Storyteller "Razor Love". Topic is actually already specified by the title. "Blood me by" is also a highlight of which somewhat more cheerful nature tries, but acts very seriously and gets under your skin. Caspers voice is perhaps a few moments somewhat incongruous to beat, but this leaves the good lyrics and the very well-chosen beats fade into the background.

In short, a mixtape as not would actually have been better, which probably should also fit into everyone's budget at a cost of just under 6 euros.

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