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  • Dead Animal  

    SONAX upholstery foam cleaner 03062000 (Automotive)
    The purpose of a pad cleaner is safe removal of dirt Odert Flecker on cushions or textiles. My wife said dirt from the cushions in the car to remove by this means. The car was new! When I had to go after a few days with the car I heard a penetrating
  • Shipping from abroad lasts, but worth the wait!  

    2 X Resident Evil Umbrella no.2 logo sticker 12cm claw Claw Car Tuning Styling Motorcycle
    I do not understand the previous speakers: The stickers come from Thailand. Ok, that might indicate the purchase / note, then one understands the longer shipping time also. However, there is neither communication nor the product to complain about som
  • Value team BESTEK  

    BESTEK 3 Ways Cigarette Lighter with separate switch and 2 USB ports 10A Current fuse and LED indicator (White and Black + LED indicators)
    Value team BESTEK Subject. BESTEK 3 Ways Cigarette Lighter with separate switch and 2 USB ports 10A Current fuse and LED indicator (White and Black + LED indicators) Purchased through I am sorry to inform you but now that my initial joy is
  • Ngk as always  

    NGK Sparkplug CR7HSA 4549 (Automotive)
    To empfelen Ngk as always especially for all Cina engines. where Bosch unfortunately often fails. Honda motors should be operated only from NGK
  • super "special tools" ...  

    KAYSO Performance Locking Tool universal 2-stroke & 4-stroke
    The KAYSO blocking tool is perfect "Hold" to lock or the fan wheel and the Kupplungsglocke in variator drives for scooters or quads, in order to solve the central nuts can. Extremely stable material welded handle for fixing screw. Perfect. It ev
  • Quatrac 3 SUV on my Kia Sorento 2.4 EX  

    Vredestein 245/70 R16 107H Quatrac 3 SUV c / e / 70 - Off-Road tires (all season tires) (Automotive)
    Quatrac 3 SUV on my Kia Sorento 2.4 EX The delivery was prompt! The handling characteristics are in my opinion good. The shelf life I will see.
  • Performance is not quite promise  

    Power Station 4 in 1 energy station jumpstart POW 5633 (Misc.)
    The device makes itself a reasonable impression of the price, light and compressor functioned well. But to help launch a diesel 1.5l (description promises to 2,2l) it has failed to full line. More like a tortured gurgling of the starter was not to pi
  • Antenna suitable for Ford C-Max 1.6 Bjh. 2005  

    Base for plastic antenna Ford Escort V 95 Fiesta IV / V 96 JBS / JAS Focus I 98 DBW / DAW Mondeo II 97 BAP / BFP / BNP Puma Scorpio
    I have short-term needs a new antenna and have been surprised to purchase here a suitable model as low. This is the version without GPS and navigation support, which I do not use but in my car (Ford C-Max 1.6 Bjh. 2005). The external thread in M6 ava
  • Lousy fit for W211 / S211, wrong picture  

    MAPCO 64808 Oil Filter (Automotive)
    For my S211 E320 CDI with OM648 (211 226) I bought this filter three months ago to have everything ready when it reaches the service interval, because the nerve messages in the instrument cluster is exceeded genuine. Now it was time. After removing t
  • Very convenient antenna, unfortunately weak reception  

    Baseline Connect Ersatzantenne Stabwechsel thread coiled black M5 + M6 28cm (Automotive)
    Due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I have to this affordable variant for my Ford C-Max 1.6 Bjh. Decided in 2005 and to an original antenna (initially) waived. Delivery was as advertised: Antenna with internal thread M6 and an adapter from M6
  • Inexpensive LED Blinker relay WITHOUT beep!  

    LED flasher relay flasher relay Lamp Flasher 12V for motorcycle 2 Pin
    First, I ran the relay together with the old 21W flasher bulbs. The Blink-clock had slowed down over the old relay. Then I have the light bulbs to LED lamps (Warm White BA15S / 27x SMD 5050 / approx 3W) exchanged. The flashing rate corresponds again
  • All handle it!  

    Ventilated discs Ø239mm + brake pads front brake pads
    I bought this set for my brakes Skoda Fabia 1.2 and can install. The brake discs make a good impression 1A and therefore do not differ from the discs from other major manufacturers. The pads and the plug of the wear indicator to make a very positive
  • No Desinfiktion, effect only of very short duration!  

    Caramba 631,001 air conditioners disinfection, 100 ml (Automotive)
    I wanted the air conditioning of my vehicle disinfect because very musty smell from the vents at power. After correct application of the product the smell was initially actually disappeared. After not even a week it stank but the same as before. Asid
  • Bottle leaking mechanism threadbare  

    ALCLEAR 71100SV Quick sealing 1 liter included ALCLEAR polishing cloth 2 pages Allrounder 40 x 40 cm for car, motorcycle, bicycle (Automotive)
    I have just applied it for the first time. Not bad! You use it sparingly and only once reached very good results. What I absolutely do not like and what I at the price paid and can not see is the leaking bottle and the cheap-looking spray mechanism.

    VARTA SILVER DYNAMIC AUTOBATTERIE H3 12V 100AH ​​830A 600 402 083 Battery (Automotive)
    VARTA SILVER DYNAMIC AUTOBATTERIE H3 12V 100AH ​​as a starter battery for my T5. All Top, incl. Price. The 2nd I have to replace. 1. When I might have to take ne 120 AH. Let's see how long this work here.
  • If the ankle Protector would not be ...!  

    Class gloves no doubt, but this incorporated piece of plastic is not at all. It expresses very uncomfortable and the gloves work through this Protector as work gloves police are still processed by the way small finger protectors, but do not interfere
  • Irresponsible. Unbelievably bad. Perilous. (Mojito 125)  

    EBC brake pads Scooter (organic) for Aprilia - Scarabeo 100 | Scarabeo 100 | Scarabeo 100 | Habana 125 / Habana | Leonardo 125/150 | Leonardo 125 | Mojito / Mojito Custom | SR 125/150
    These pads are a disaster. They have a very poor stopping power / braking action and fall into your items. But first things first: I have therefore the brake pads mainly bought because they were cheap and were identified as suitable for my scooter. A
  • Dunlop winter tires  

    Dunlop 195 / 65R15 91T WINTER RESPONSE 2 MS c / b / 67 - car winter tires (Automotive)
    have the tires for the damit.rollwiederstand test result and affordability gekauft.fahren now for half a year very quietly gut.schön Contrary to vorgänger.spritersparnis I have so far not much of it on driving style and ps.viel snow we had
  • Not bad ... with a few flaws  

    CARCHET® Car 7 "touchscreen GPS Navi Navigation MTK 128MB 4GB Western Europe FM Radio
    On Navigation System ansich is nothing to complain. Easy entry, fast route calculation, nice choice votes;) So far zero problems (there have been a few days in operation). The large screen size is also positive to note. So who needs a favorable devic
  • A jumper cables, which served its purpose  

    Alpin 400 521 DIN-jumper cables 35mm, 4,5m, with zip pocket (Automotive)
    The physical properties of the article in accordance with the description. The cross-section of 35 mm is advantageous (often only 25mm). One pair of cable wires were not recorded in the pliers connections during compression - an unnecessary quality d