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  • first-class movie!  

    Shutter Iceland (Amazon Instant Video)
    I personally have long gone a film like this seen in which the story so goes into depth. With excellent cast, a clear recommendation!
  • new episode  

    The Vampire Diaries - Season 6 (Amazon Instant Video)
    When a result is 10? Normally, the latest result was always shown on free TV because now we are already result in 11 to Sixx ....
  • typical AMC ...  

    Turn - Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)
    One can clearly see the pattern of AMC in terms of character and story development. What in any way, however, is bad! The series captivates from the beginning and also motivated a little bit in the multimedia history books one or the other name look
  • Were better days ...  

    Underworld: Awakening (Amazon Instant Video)
    Underworld has begun strongly and strongly left behind from Part 3! I hope that the 5th part comes back a turn. Where ... without Kate Beckinsale is the very hard!
  • Idea and action is good. Implementation miserable.  

    Anomaly (Amazon Instant Video)
    In my opinion, the idea just the implementation is very good, not. The story is lost in the course of the film. It is difficult to make the story after. Moreover, I find the end totally illogical. I have had my borrowed this film to me to make my own
  • Funny with lengths  

    Horrible Bosses 2 (Amazon Instant Video)
    I have not seen part 1 and can therefore draw no comparison. Overall very funny story, albeit with some lengths.
  • Good successful remake  

    Exodus - Gods and Kings (Amazon Instant Video)
    I think the film about Moses and the 10 commandments is really entertaining, what a film finally should be. Something befremdent come before a perhaps the dialogues, but if you think about it, they are quite authentic. Pompous action shots expect the
  • Class Liam Neeson movie  

    Rest in Peace - A Walk Among the Tombstones (Amazon Instant Video)
    Good action movie with successful turns. Liam Neeson plays the purified ex-alcoholics mE convincing. After a few lengths at the beginning of the movie captivates but then until the end.
  • Very entertaining with too little depth  

    The Equalizer [dt. / OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    The movie was entertaining! Danzel Washington does a good job in the film. However, unfortunately there is a lack of depth. It is this film would have had what it takes. Thus only four stars.
  • Even worse than feared.  

    Passion (Amazon Instant Video)
    Property me this concoction looked at only for Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams, because both have been delivered good to very good films. But such a bad De Palma I have not yet experienced.
  • A great title - reduced to answering two questions.  

    Hannah Arendt - your thinking changed the world (Amazon Instant Video)
    The term "banality of evil" is probably the one that most associate with the Hannah Arendt. Whoever sees this film gets at least an idea of ​​what it's all about. With Hannah Arendt we speak of (a?) Of the largest German intellectuals of the 20t
  • Exciting and inspiring  

    Kon-Tiki (Amazon Instant Video)
    As general education ever heard of the Thor's journey. The fact so short close perform a so daring companies the turmoil of the 2nd World War, is more than inspiring. Respect as much Abenteurermut! The film itself is well told and exciting. The image
  • Too bad that after Dexter Season 8 ends.  

    Dexter - Season 8 (Amazon Instant Video)
    The final season has once more in itself. My girlfriend and I have seen all the seasons and executed a fever on the eighth. We were not disappointed. Without giving too much away, the end is very sad - but the only thing that really suits this missio
  • Heard in my top list ...  

    Love, Rosie - Where Rainbows End (Amazon Instant Video)
    A heartwarming film with much truth and profundity. Wonder couples actors, to the Klei neste supporting role perfectly cast. Emotions & Humor, tears and joy - here everything is possible and indeed packed wonderful. Clearly, the couple must get to th
  • Kreischberg Kreischberg Kreischberg  

    Jurassic Park (Amazon Instant Video)
    From the story could have been really develop an action. Unfortunately, most of the Kreischberg Kreischberg Fimes of scenes that require no story or plot. Every now and then something Schmonzette MTI US family values ​​purely scattered (may not be mi
  • Chewing gum feeling ..  

    Below - you hear down there nobody scream (Amazon Instant Video)
    I was at the beginning quite expecting, since some were good while recessions. After what felt like five hours inconsequential blah, I then finished the film, because he has not reached me. A waste of time.
  • Good entertainment from start to finish  

    Cold in July (Amazon Instant Video)
    Not expected action changes to be fun and provide continuous voltage ... Only the end comes with some open questions at the end ...
  • Successful Horror  

    Oculus (Amazon Instant Video)
    Good "horror movies" are in my opinion a real rarity. This was after a long time again a you could watch without hesitation and even can recommend. It not a classic horror film and it also flows virtually no blood, but for me these are no criter
  • An atypical Carpenter movie  

    John Carpenter's The Ward - The Station (Amazon Instant Video)
    Finally a film of Carpenter, I thought. He has made so many great movies in the 80s. Last seen the first few minutes of "The Thing from Another World" and was completely blown away by the atmosphere, which produces the typical Carpenter mus
  • Cruel!  

    Faces in the Crowd (Amazon Instant Video)
    At first I thought, when Milla Jovovich plays along, the film can be yes garnicht so bad, the story is ansich promising. However, the implementation is just atrocious. First of all I did not think that Milla Jovovich is portrayed as such gebrechlicht