• Only partial satisfaction  

    Knuffelwuff Cuddly dog ​​bed with two functions L 80 x 80cm - elements Black (Misc.)
    Is visually larger on screen than it actually is, a lot of filler in side walls and floor. Very thick bottom ... not "just" to be for the dog. Color and pattern on the photo even more intense than in Natura.
  • This product is not worth the money ...  

    Alu dog kennel car Hundebox single door Autohundebox 54x69x51cm (Misc.)
    I ordered the box because we have a small dog. Size is sufficient. Processing is abysmal - the aluminum rails above were bent, the fit is not just super, the plastic nuts are cast, which rotate when screwed, ........ In addition, the door would back
  • For large and not a treat !!  

    Chewies Dog Treats Multipack 1, 3 x 200 g beef tripe Poultry, 1er Pack (1 x 600 g) (Misc.)
    The treats are really great, they've brought me for my puppies as they are not too hard, he was immediately impressed !!! But also for adult dogs a treat !!!
  • Excellent Like  

    Dreamies cat snacks mix with cheese and beef (6 x 60 g) (Misc.)
    My cats are very excited and I have to be very careful that they do not eat it fell to, finally, is "only" a snack!
  • Had presented with after the image from Amazon but bigger  

    Insektenhotel flamed burned, black natural decoration, complete with butterfly house, insect house, insects, insect house - biological ecological natural plant protection - ecological biological natural aphid control - insect hotel for hanging or free-standing - Great color choice - Ladybird House Ladybird Ladybird Case Butterfly House Butterflies Gartendeko (Misc.)
    Property me this Insektenhotel but lt slightly larger. The image presented at Amazon. Well one would also have to pay attention to the size specification. Now it depends yes now been a few months and the first guests are drawn.
  • Super optics in aquarium  

    Waterproof Aquarium Lighting LED strip light colored light color Super Bright (Misc.)
    great device, looks great in the aquarium, oxygen for the fish works fine you just have to buy a larger pump with two outputs and with regulation, Customer also super !!!
  • Easy to open cans ...  

    Gourmet Gold Salmon Terrine with 12 x 85g (12 Pack) cat food from Purina, 12 Pack (12 x 85 g) (Misc.)
    It is the taste of the cat but my loves. As "menu from time to time" in addition to a balanced diet of fresh absolutely suitable.
  • Snak trainee  

    Dr. Clauder's Snack Trainee chicken 500g, 1er Pack (1 x 500 g) (Misc.)
    always like -Thanks again - will always - like reorder even my dog ​​is happy about the Leckerlie - :-))
  • Our first really good top backpack !!!  

    Trixie 28944 Rucksack Timon, 34 x 44 x 30 cm, black / gray (Misc.)
    Everything else before it was cheaper scrap! Finally, we are excited. And our cat (4 kg) too !. This is the first ever animal backpack with a solid, stable base, we could find. Also the low weight has absolutely convinced us. The space inside is comf
  • Easy to use, safe vermin removal  

    Quiko 077,498 Ardap Fogger - vermin nebulizer for 2 rooms to 30 sqm, 2 x 100 ml (Misc.)
    It is not about a spray can in the classic sense, but rather a Sprühautomaten. The spray head is locked and the whole box is automatically emptied in the room without having to be there in attendance. Allow the agent acting for the prescribed time an
  • Very good and humanely composite cat food, the different popular with cats  

    Catz fine food Purrrr Multipack 6 x 200g, 1er Pack (1 x 1.2 kg) (Misc.)
    The concept of Katz Fine Food, a species-appropriate feed guaranteed without preservatives, to offer no flavor enhancers and no coloring and GMO free, appear sympathetic. Therefore we like to test the Katz Fine Food Purrr Multipack. In Detail: Positi
  • Rodent XXL just for technically gifted  

    TecTake® Nagerkäfig XXL wooden with three floors approx 115 x 60 x 55 cm (Misc.)
    A Star is there for the super short delivery time of 2 days ... otherwise I can forgive no star in this product. On the box was on it first time large "Cina" and drinne was just super bad cheap processed wood. All boards Krum and warped back pla
  • Super nice scratching post! Our cat loves him !!!  

    Happypet® CAT002-2 scratching post Cat Tree Medium High 1.80 High Beige (Misc.)
    Fast Delivery! Very good price-performance ratio of the scratching post! Many scratch, playing and climbing opportunities! Matches exactly the pictures, very beautiful color in "Beige" Building instructions at first glance complicated ... but on
  • In and outdoor dog bed XL 100 x 73cm Orange of Knuffelwuff  

    Knuffelwuff XL 100 x 73cm In and Outdoor Dog Bed Beige Taupe Waterproof (Misc.)
    Since we already have a dog bed from Knuffelwuff and our dog a retriever / Mongrel loves this bed about everything, we have this in bed and outdoor terrace for purchases as another resting place. Build quality is excellent as was the case the first b
  • sharp cuts without chirp  

    DBPOWER® New Design Rechargeable Pet Trimmer animal hair trimmer clipper pet clipper pet supplies Pet Clipper Cut, Low Noise Low Vibration, with 4-step hair comb (3mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm), C Sharp (Misc.)
    The scope of delivery next to the trimmer includes two essays, with which the fur length can be trimmed to 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm or 12 mm. In addition, a small brush for cleaning is included. For commissioning two AA batteries are required. The essays wil
  • Wahsinnig good for tropical plants  

    Exo Terra PT2191 Natural Light - Full-spectrum daylight lamp 25W (Misc.)
    We have a very large tropical terrarium for a couple green water dragons with a total of 12 light sources. In one version I've screwed this Lamp and it was not long and the Terra was so overgrown that I came barely keep up with the cutting of plants.
  • Trims good  

    DBPOWER® New Design Rechargeable Pet Trimmer animal hair trimmer clipper pet clipper pet supplies Pet Clipper Cut, Low Noise Low Vibration, with 4-step hair comb (3mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm), C Sharp (Misc.)
    The device is pleasantly quiet, the cat does not interfere. Goes quite easily's fur trims and tidy. what more do you want?
  • Lots of accessories and comfortable level  

    9265-2016 election animal hair trimmer Showpro with mains operation (Misc.)
    Have the Schneider often use for my Ihrish-Setter Mix (long thick fur). The tailor is well at the beginning, but leaves the performance after several cutting phases slightly, despite care according to instructions. However, everything. In all, a good
  • Medicine cabinet for fish  

    Esha 79001 - 2000, 20 ml (Misc.)
    Could it not have true that I had been introduced to me the white spot disease. I think that I could save a lot of my fish just over the weekend because I had bought this product in stock.
  • cats schmeckts  

    Catz fine food Purrrr Multipack 6 x 200g, 1er Pack (1 x 1.2 kg) (Misc.)
    My cats like it, however, is not protected with the regular indigestion well here before, spit out the seizure rashly. I'll ask my vet in the next few days for their opinion and then update here.