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  • Cool Shoe fürn summer  

    Geox U WELLS C Men's Sneakers (Shoes)
    What am I doing here great to say: looks good, feels high-quality and fits well. How much I can sweat your feet in it only to say in the summer, but certainly less than in normal shoes.
  • ASICS Gel-Trail-Tambora 4  

    ASICS Gel-Trail-Tambora 4, Men's Running Shoes (Shoes)
    After my husband was very happy already with a different color variant, I bought running shoes one more time and was not disappointed with this. :) Interested running shoe also suitable for wide feet. Since the shoe in different colors in the price v
  • Ideally Bekleiter for wheelchairs  

    Bagbase Tumbeutel (Textiles)
    Very useful for wheelchair users, optimally leaves hanging over the backrest. Through the narrow belts it also does not push in the back! Due to the size, fits a lot into what you just need to go! So the whole sportive & looks a little chick! Did thi
  • Nice to look at, but then ...  

    K-Swiss SI 18 Rannell 2 Men's Sneakers (Shoes)
    ... I suggest yes to almost exclusively in flash offers. When this Schuwerk then offered here for a still quite high, but more agreeable price, I just slammed times in the hope that some of it had I long for the money. Well ... I was right the first
  • Coral, not red  

    John W. Sissa 9300 A ladies slippers (shoes)
    Actually, I had a tomato-red shoes searching but suddenly finally get the hitherto vain sought-orange dusky pink Korallfarbton I've found in any shoe. Why can not the provider finally use the commonly used color names? Togo I know just as abstruse da
  • Very nice except for ...  

    Puma Rebound v.2 Hi Unisex Adult Sneakers (Shoes)
    I am positive surprised that the shoes look as good on your feet: D Unfortunately, a little tight at the front of the toes, but I exchanged the simple to ^^
  • Neck laces black / white checkered  

    Mr. Lacy shoelaces Printies motif - flat - 10 mm wide - 130 cm long - in different motifs (Textile)
    For flat Chucks sure appropriate bit too short for the half high, unfortunately. From the quality and presentation of the laces are very good.
  • High quality and stylish appearance  

    camel active Winnipeg 13 Men Oxford Lace Up Brogues (Textiles)
    By super workmanship and great design these shoes are worth the money in any case. Have you purchased in the offer and am fully satisfied.
  • Sole dissolves after 6 months  

    Puma Civilian SL unisex adult sneakers (shoes)
    Are fallen somewhat large. But at least match the good so at least of width. But unfortunately I have to say that after 6 months already solves the sole! And though I have the shoes not so often worn! I would not have expected from Puma
  • Classic hiking boot  

    Grisport peaklander, unisex - adult hiking boots (Textiles)
    I have a very wide feet, my feet have enough room. Also disturbs no seam, not suppressed. The lacing is classic for a hiking boot and the eyelets are well made. Also, the roll-off is good. Unfortunately, the shoe dropped but because my damping behavi
  • Many beautiful El Naturalista  

    El Naturalista N395 Sila womens sandals (shoes)
    Class sandal EN The shoe is very well located. Yellow You have to like, but also funny and something different. Again and again El N.
  • Had to shoe unfortunately DISCARD !!  

    Manitou 920 191 Ladies Slingback Wedge Sandals (Shoes)
    was real for a while my favorite shoes !!!! super nice and super comfortable, but after 2-3 weeks of daily wear, I got a very arge allergy and itching with vacancies, clearly of this shoe! Had and have never had such problems with a shoe ... so I had
  • Beautiful shoes, but I knew that already  

    s.Oliver Casual Women Flat 5-5-22103-32 (Shoes)
    I have had the same shoe for a few years and it was my favorite shoe. I have taken so long until it has fallen apart. I agree that he at the beginning a little suppressed or is stiff. But if he is only entered a little, he is super comfortable. He is
  • The best budget I have ever had.  

    Bellroy men's leather Geldbörse Note Sleeve (Luggage)
    He is filled with banknotes and very many maps (so about 15) thinner than most normal empty. A classic coin missing. In bill compartment but is an extra compartment with tab, where you can safely accommodate a few coins. The bear then but a little. I
  • Flip Flop Tip Top  

    Crocs Adrina Flip 11204, Ladies Flip Flops (Shoes)
    Best Ware, super comfortable to wear, accurate fit. Would I buy again immediately. The wear is tolerable, every two or three years there is a new
  • Featuring innovative deposit  

    Skechers Synergy PowerSwitch Men's Sneakers (Textiles)
    Since I like to try new and innovative shoes, I once had gained this shoe from Skechers me some time ago. The best argument for Skechers shoes in my view is that you get good shoes at an affordable price. Where other manufacturers priced neat strike
  • Toll !! Great!!? keep it up!!  

    Nike Free 5.0 Men's Running Shoes (Shoes)
    Everything worked out great, fast and without problem !!! Thank you very much!!! I have exchanged on different size with no problem. Super quality! The shoes are really great!
  • Send Ballarina  

    MQ23 Ladies elegant shoes - Ballerinas with Deco - stones 188-15 (Textiles)
    They not only look great Special are also very comfortable ... Left have no bubbles get what's usual. The shoe size is also great
  • For the second pair, and still love it  

    Men Trail Running Running Shoes XA Pro 3D Ultra GTX 3 (Shoes)
    After four years, my old Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 GTX given up the ghost. I was completely satisfied with the shoes and I almost every day I was wearing did not think twice and wanted to buy me back. Unfortunately, they were not available in my size
  • When will it again correctly summer?  

    Crocs Baya Flip Unisex Adult Beach Shoes (Shoes)
    Best Ware, super comfortable to wear, accurate fit. Would I buy again immediately. The wear is tolerable, every two or three years there is a new