Video game


  • Very bad 4 2  

    Failure Warranty 3 years for Console (150 to € 199.99 EUR) (Console)
    No interest. DS damaged after 4 months. Response Insurance: Too bad you are not covered. While in the description, a clause concerning the victims is planned.
  • Wide pannel of vehicles.  

    Project Cars - Limited Edition (Video Game)
    Super car game. It lacks a few more cars. Many circuits and beautiful graphics. We go karting and formulas LMP1
  • good price / quality ratio 168  

    Tritton KAMA Kits PS4 / PS Vita Head Head Helmet Headset Connector (s): 3.5mm (Video Game)
    I have no experience to compare the product to another, but I chose it for its price and brand, this is my first newt. Nice finish, functional micro, intermediate cut case of chat welcome. It is clear that to change the TV's stereo, the sound reprodu
  • Terrifying 8  

    Alien: Isolation - nostromo Edition (Video Game)
    A game that I spent sleepless nights ... A revolution in the field of FPS. For cons, the add-on of nostromo edition is a little disappointing, too fast over ...
  • Perfect helmet (or almost)!  

    Titanfall Kunai headset (Video Game)
    Strong Points: Not super expensive, excellent quality headphones, ditto for the Micro, comfortable foam for head (It from above), detachable microphone, Nice Design! Incredible -Chose on CoD (Call Of Duty) for example, when someone is coming to your
  • The price that endears  

    Gears of War: Judgment (Video Game)
    I gave it to my brother. Again the price was very interesting to compare xbox live. It is very difficult. Compare, former gears of war! But still pleasant.
  • Very good. 1 7415  

    Charging Station 2 battery packs included to black Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    Very good :-) I did not include comments on LED, led by a joystick, red and green if discharged if charged, ha yes, red is not that it is zero, this is that it's not 100%, for ca that people do not understand that it is red after 10 seconds of use !!
  • Mixed 84  

    Assassin's Creed - Ezio Trilogy [French Language / English] (Video Game)
    I love Assassin's Creed, but this one was a gift and I'm afraid the kid (10 years) has not so hung with this game. Maybe a question of age: Besides in France, it is forbidden to children under 16 years. And yet, I know another young aged 14-15 who lo
  • Good and not so good 26  

    Project Cars (Video Game)
    I advise all players to spin the knobs on Youtube to find a tutorial and so make adjustments to properly play the joystick. Without it, the game really unplayable except driving I guess.
  • Good product 6206  

    Under Control USB Charging Cable for controller PS4 3m (Accessory)
    The cable is very convenient because of its length. Good connection no game with joypad and good quality cable.
  • Super game 107  

    WildStar - Deluxe Edition (computer game)
    I really love this game, it's great pity that the community does not rest on it. His future transition to free to play will certainly change many things, and people will come back on!
  • Allucinant price!  

    Call of Duty: Ghosts (Video Game)
    So interesting price, compare to Xbox Live. Good games. I do not pass me. It rage, we laugh, we have fun online.
  • Gameplay pleasant  

    NBA 2K15 (Video Game)
    First personal experience on an NBA game and I'm pretty happy. Its handling remains still difficult for a novice but we quickly took the game and that changes of football games and co. Level gameplay and game atmosphere, realism is interesting. Howev
  • The most beautiful amiibo  

    Amiibo 'Super Smash Bros.' - Pac-Man (Accessory)
    The best that can be used on amiibo Mario Kart 8 and Yoshi's Wooly World Class Too ... BUT I always expect it to be sold at the normal price and I hope not to wait several months. I losing patience .. Nintendo, spread a little please your amiibos. do
  • PCARS, Xbox One is a penalty can  

    Project Cars (Video Game)
    A good graphic and technical video games. *** The negative of Project Cars ... * 65 cars previously announced DLC. * Very lazy. * The Xbox One seems underexploited. * The Career Mode, which is sorely lacking in interest. * The AI, a little weak if th
  • Got the best of us consumers  

    Wireless Controller for Xbox One - black + Play & Charge Kit for Xbox One (Accessory)
    Needed to play, not without some self joystick console. In the near future the end joysticks ... 3D are possible, I would be cool
  • Between art and guide-book  

    Guide Assassin's Creed Rogue (Paperback)
    Overall, this guide is rather well made. Well supplied with various illustrations and additional information, I blame him still a certain "lightness" in the description of certain missions. To be honest, at the time of writing this review, I'm o
  • Excellent 259 50 136 1988  

    Wii Motion Plus Nintendo Official Black - Black (Video Game)
    Great product, works nickel recommend to everyone, and much better than the adaptable Motion nitendo more formal and not adaptable
  • Not interesting in the future ...  

    Xbox Live Gold 12 months (Accessory)
    A necessary product on the internet that encrypted. Of capitalist globalization consumers, Microsoft product More that pay more and safer games, to be served
  • Best headset on PS4.  

    Tritton KAMA Kits PS4 / PS Vita Head Head Helmet Headset Connector (s): 3.5mm (Video Game)
    Everything is in the title, after a few weeks of use, the helmet still works as well. The biggest problem is comfort. Do not expect to play all day with, after an hour of pain already on the skull (behind the ears) are felt. But otherwise, for the pr