Cheap stopgap for mobile use mE insufficient.

Cheap stopgap for mobile use mE insufficient.

Walimex Pro LED64 LED Video Light (Dimmable) for action camera, camcorder and DSLR Camera (Accessories)

Customer Review

PS or addition
Some Wine Tester colleagues have similar in their assessment of terms such as "full light" used.
That's an interesting name, so I say to this:

I also think that the Walimex Pro LED64 as very bright to describe is not entirely wrong: the fireflies, night owls, bats, moles ... and all that are also feeling the full moon as very bright assess this video light also as such.
And in humans? Yes! from 50 cm distance - as the light measurement in the description ...
We must raise the bar to the right place only!
Our Gerhard also said Putin is a flawless democrat, and the Walimex Pro is also, therefore, a Pro-light is also quite bright, quite clear!


Who ordered this video light should not have too high expectations.
The whole part is of course made of plastic, the recessed screw made of brass.
The quality is superb, everything is passenau, the batteries can be insert good marks for this are easy to read, the cover is easy to open and close, it is also a perfect fit.
Its weight is 246 gr ready with 4 batteries.

Even with 64 LEDs the luminous efficiency is not much higher than in a small flashlight, for example of LED Lenser.
In this respect, the dimming is not much; you really need the full power and actually more.

DIRECT OR: Indirect lighting
Orientable for indirect lighting the Walimex is not. That would not help, because the light is not strong enough to make a difference in an indirect lighting.
Whoever still needed, for example for macro photography of jewelry, can use a mini ball of Novoflex.
The screw of the Mini Balls is screwed to the brass screw on the bottom side of the Walimex.
At the other (lower) end SES Mini Balls you also need a hot shoe.
I've got half a dozen SKU045281 PCK concerned from China that costs almost nothing, or you buy the same Novoflex complete with hot shoe, because there are both.

The light can not be focused, be so focused on a spot or broadcast diffuse. One must take it as it comes on, Basta! And how is it is very simple: The Walimex scatters its photons like a garden hose fine water beads for watering flowers. In other words, very economical and gentle, as a fine mist.

One or more color discs are not supplied, the light is very white and cold, like white LEDs usual.
Faces, food, etc., so go virtually everything requires an adjustment of the WB, the use of filters from the camera or change the color temperature on the PC.

The lamp can be powered by 4 x AA batteries or 5 V power on circular connectors.
Neither batteries nor power supply are included.
Operation with 1.2V AA batteries (I have tried the Amazon) funktionniert well. These are 4.8 V and 10,000 mAh.

I have made and wait until the light the light with 100% brightness and the battery 4 at 14:25 noticeably subsides ..
I have the trial after almost 2 hours aborted, that was more than enough! There were no signs of a significant reduction of the light power.

The Walimex is a minimalist light to avoid the word primitive, but the price is also minimalist, so far OK, he is very convenient but not entirely because of the money you also get, for example, 2 garden lights or 2 cheap flashlights that would dimmable , While these devices are in use are not directly comparable but in the design / production are the differences rather small.
In other words: The price of this simple device is already rich enough, so that all parties are satisfied.

The Walimex is not quite as useful as a simple, more compact Sony-light with 2 LEDs. I have a pair of them for comparison. I would say that the Sony-light (which is half the size) much more concentrated light brings and is more flexible, because it has a significantly larger Reichwete and a built-in filter for artificial lighting. But it will cost approx. three times. Well, for Walimex you can also cut plastic sheeting and tape it. The scope of the Walimex is much too short, what little light they Emmi Animal T lost the same in all directions to the square of the distance. Let's be honest: what to illuminate there?
That might be enough for Macro Photography or object up close, but the rest?.

Composed but when 3 or more Walimex is the thing interesting.
One can both to each side as well as above attach more lights. With 4 lights would really much light (but very cold) come about, but the load on the hot shoe would rd. Be 1 kg. That's not natural. On a tripod but this is not an issue. Stupid, is that these 3 or 4 composite lights would all orientert equal. That would not be very nice.

So you would need 3 light sources for good and soft lighting of a scene. No, for mobile use that is nothing. Unless ISO 3200, 6400 or even 12800 ... there are some cameras with lace-Bar, which provide good results could

Personally, I have decided on several Ledzilla by the company. Dedolight.
These strong professional lighting can be oriented, dimmable, focusable, side flaps have (spatially in order to limit the light), 2 different built-in filter and optionally with Sony NP-F730 with 4,600 mAh directly at the luminaire head or 8 AA batteries, which you can wear on the body, operated.
Only the price is, as I recall, rd. 8 times, but I can really do something. With a Walimex with 64 LEDs I can usually expose rather the overall scene a little brighter, but the design options are zero.

I take the view, the light in the photo and videography now times everything is without light, nothing will.
The Walimex costs little but brings no more light, to very cold and almost without any flexibility.
Although I must not judge my review for semi-pro standards, but I can not this part, which can hardly anything, as set the benchmark. That would be when I would put a Lada as a top sedan as a benchmark for the automotive construction. Because not only Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW and Porsche would stand there with your mouth open!
This may not change much because the price unfortunately. 3 stars are not yet in accordance with my conscience 4.

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