City building game light with Settlers of Catan Feeling.  Simple family game with a higher proportion of luck

City building game light with Settlers of Catan Feeling. Simple family game with a higher proportion of luck

Kosmos 692 322 - Machi Koro (Toys)

Customer Review

Overall score: 6.7

Material: 07 Entry: 07
Feel: 07 long-term fun: 06

The game: aim at cards and dice Machi Koro (= city dice) is developing four special building the first player. In order to get money to build, you roll the dice and similar numbers with the already played cards from (which are associated with 3 exceptions all a number). According to the card text you get assigned revenues from which you can in turn acquire new building cards. First, you start with 2 buildings (these cover the litters from 1-3) and 3 money.
Over time, it builds up gradually his own city, and therefore get better and larger revenue streams. With his cards the player can benefit extensions at own and partly the opponent's throw. In addition, arising from certain cards Skills his opponents to steal money or to trade in lucrative simple building.
By means of special building buys you extra features such as use of the second cube etc.

Machi Koro is a fairly simple knitted game that wins because of its different building depth and a higher share of luck. For me to play better in a larger group, as in the two variant.

Material 07

In the BRETTSPIELBOX are 72 coins (50 x 1, 12 x 5, 10 x 10) of cardboard, 108 playing cards (including 8 start and 16 special cards, the rest of the building cards) and 2 dice.

The material is a purist. The graphics are attractive simply decorated with an Asian twist (roots can not be denied), since the original layout was retained. In sum coincides value for money.

Entry 07

The rules are relatively well understood. Nevertheless, it takes two / three games to get to know the variety of buildings and better use. Especially in the first game you lose track and overlooks the possibility the opponent's throw also to cash income.

Feel 07

Machi Koro takes place after a two-familiarization laps pleasantly light. The game mechanism is somewhat reminiscent of the Settlers of Catan (here city build on fields and profit per cube and cash income), though only throw the sources of income and cash more quickly available and you can not change the resource. Attractive makes the game also, that one is due to the possible participation in the dice result of the other players constantly in the game. So the so-called down times are very low to non-existent.
In the game there is the special building (purple) a certain annoyance potential, because they allow money to collect from the other players or to swap building.

Not so nice I found the strategy as the game progresses consistently to dispense with the second cube and only buying the expansions, in which I can benefit from the other. With this somewhat destructive playing style can make especially in two-player game the other pretty mellow. Just have to be careful that a player of a building procures a not excessive number, since the effect of the dice result with the number of buildings multiplied.

The luck of the dice can significantly affect the outcome of the game also; especially if you only need a certain die result for their own happiness.

Long-term fun 06

Machi Koro quickly and easily plays (30 minutes). New players can also be integrated very quickly, because the fundamental mechanism settlers everyone understands (two-three tactical problems should be then passed on).
Who the Glücklastigkeit permanently not annoying, will stay on the ball. Strategists will turn more other games.
Based on the described weaknesses remains to be seen how long the fun will continue permanently. However, with 2 extensions possible remedies in view that will extend the games fun. Let's hope that this will also bring out the cosmos.


Super easy to use. 1 Rank: 5/5
June 9
No Regrets 6 Rank: 5/5
April 19
great product 749 Rank: 4/5
March 22
Panasonic Lumix DMC - TZ7 Rank: 5/5
July 27

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