Class music, grenzdebil divided and cut

Class music, grenzdebil divided and cut

Horton Hears A Who! (MP3 Download)

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John Powell is a true master of his trade and has as usual by his animated film scores once again done a great job here. The music may not come all the way to his Oscar-worthy masterpieces of Drachenzähmen movies approach, but nevertheless offers several highlights and a lot of variety. The composer apparently was allowed to run riot again with a large orchestra, but added to a few places not added refreshingly exotic sounds or noises.

The music alone would loose earned at least four out of five stars. But for which there is a very thick point deduction is rarely stupid kind of publication! To this end, I would like to go into greater detail: In film music does not happen soo rare that the entire soundtrack consists of only one or a few related, long pieces, which are then evenly divided logically for a release in a number of smaller tracks, because a handful long songs would be impractical. Who takes care may be at the beginning and end recognize (among other things the lack of a fade-in / out), that it is actually a continuous composition. As far as that's perfectly fine.
Just should for the respective sections, ie the places where the old piece ends and a new start, matching possible "resting points" are chosen that seem obvious. That's in Horton Hears a Who, unfortunately just not going to happen - too often one has the feeling that the sections end and begin in the middle. "Sections" is unfortunately a very apt word because it seems hardly as full songs as To make matters worse, that has greatly exaggerated the Aufspalterei. Where other soundtracks from over rule of thumb exist about 16 to 22 songs, they have made for Horton all 34 of it! This sounds to a lot of music for money, but a glance at the maturities provides sobering: most pieces hardly walk more than 60 seconds, some even considerably less. In soundtracks you're extremely short titles, exceptionally accustomed, but for something to ask each one euro during download, which is effective only half or even one-third of the actual tracks, already appears quite brazenly me.
In particular, the very disturbing if you like I want to pick and buy only their own favorites, and (with enabled Shuffle or) land then relatively unsorted in the playlist. But even with the CD version it is with most players so that a short break instant between the pieces is noticeable that one could have saved. All this reduces significantly the listening experience for me.
I really wonder why we have the so screwed up here of all places. The accessibility and joy for the listener should face that is oriented towards the plot of the movie rules take precedence. I mean as I said not the chronological order, but the cuts. In many other soundtracks is here simply stated as simple and effective solution or a compromise in the title that there are two relevant passages basically, have been united in a song by simply separating the names with a slash. That those responsible for this practice was not completely unknown, showing number 8 ("Into Whoville / Breakfast with the Mayor") of the present product beautifully and logically then that song also has a pleasing length of at least three minutes. It almost seems as if someone had forgotten this process the summary with all other cases.
To mention just two of them: number 34, "A Big Ending", only takes 53 seconds and was separate from the preceding, accompanying "Horton Suite". In the few seconds it would really no longer arrived, which should have been left in the much longer piece. Even (30) "Symphonophone" and (31) "JoJo Saves The Day", which are among my favorite songs are, actually, together. In addition to the latter two, I found the way also (23) "Mountain Chase" and the short (03) "Jungle of Nool" particularly great. The tracks with relevant programs subsequently reassemble, coming for me already due to lack of experience is not in question, and anyway I would not like to operate around the album and thus may reduce the quality. Too bad there nevertheless remains.

Apologies for the above Wall of text, but then on this issue but I wanted to point at some length. The bottom line remains to say: Four and a half stars for Powell, but only a half star for the way how the Gesamtkunstwerk is presented and sold to interested parties. It deserved better. Who does not see this so close, yet should definitely access.

So far his best work Rank: 5/5
December 18
super, but ... 8 Rank: 4/5
April 18
A fiery fun factor ... Rank: 5/5
April 19
means 189 Rank: 2/5
May 24

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