Class slide-tractor - ideal for the little ones

Class slide-tractor - ideal for the little ones

Falquet & Cie 957B - Ride-Claas Celtis 426RX with trailer (toy)

Customer Review

We have this slide tractor now 2 years in use and my little daughter (11 months) is also quite hot with him, where they are more likely still using it at the moment as a walker.

The tractor is ideal for already 1 year old to drive, since even small mice come with their feet already on the ground :-)

The tractor is real class in the processing and ideal for the "in-house" solution, because it is not too large.
The longevity of the slide tractor can I highlight. It is frequented by my son every day, and often sit 2 boys / children on it and go through the apartment. No problem ;-)
As we may have to buy another one for our little one, because of its size does not yield * grin *

The only drawback is that the hitch of the daily exposure for about 1 1/2 years was no longer held and broke. We have this now strengthened with an iron fitting and * tucktucktuck-los-go *

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