Coldplay "modernized" - The album scratches grade nor the curve.

Coldplay "modernized" - The album scratches grade nor the curve.

Ghost Stories (Audio CD)

Customer Review

After the first single "Magic" I thought: Ok, sounds promising to me as a longtime fan of. It took me a bit reminiscent of their last album "Viva la Vida". After several weeks of listening to "Ghost Stories", I am of mixed feelings and no longer of this opinion.

For one thing surprised me with the band, for they very ungewönlichen, new electronic sounds and passages, however, which are not bad, on the contrary. These sometimes very "high" sung sections, often accompanied by electronic and profound emotional melodies, provide a first-class atmosphere in which one feels very fast Wohlt. The melancholy side to the songs I find the best, because it acts hopeful, without ever being cheesy or woolly. Just the right mix of speed, feeling and expression. Typical Coldplay. Atmospheric, emotional, simplistic.

And here lies the crux of the matter, I find: A bit too simple to me the whole album is advised. In officially 9 songs really is the limit I think. It would really have been more a few songs. Well, even fold quality over quantity = dignity here !, when many songs were not kept its text almost surprisingly short / simple, that is not very varied. Sometimes you get the feeling that there would be an entire song only two recurring lines.

That's how I find in the number of songs on the album, and the new sounds and the very melodic Ausrichtug very brave and "overkill".

> Nevertheless, there is a strong buy recommendation: There is Coldplay, but you have to get used to it. To put it this way: The same good old car, but new body, bangs down the road with full speed and scratching just as the curves, without falling into the cliffs. Next time I hope for something "more".

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