Collection of ideas and creative photos of challenges

Collection of ideas and creative photos of challenges

Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio (Paperback)

Customer Review

The book discusses 52 ideas / challenges of creative photos. 52 lauteure sétait because the objective of completely redefining its portfolio at a time of his career, in the space of 52 weeks. At that time, the critics found his photos too conventional and not assertive style. It aims with this book give us clues to stimulate our own creativity.

These tracks come in three aspects and therefore three chapters:
- Concepts: Image based on a single color, symmetry, movement
- Technical: low key, high key, extreme angles
- Retouching in Photoshop: textures, compositions of several images into one, tones manipulations in the software are detailed dailleurs

Several ideas are quite basic but it is interesting to see their interpretation by lauteure.

Lauteure this idea each time, an illustration of what it could do and the name of photographers who lont implementation brilliantly. Every idea stands on 2 pages, not more. This nest clearly not a dictionary or reference book on a particular subject.

We can blame the BE fairly succinct book.

Its concept is nevertheless interesting and it revives if necessary imagination of readers so they find other angles to address their future photo shoots. The ideas presented are universal and although the illustrations show the specialty lauteure (photo mode), they can be put into practice with different means by amateurs as by professionals, for all types of photography.

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