Comfortable in the bath water go

Comfortable in the bath water go

Brigamo 444 -. Robo Shark RC Remote Controlled Fish incl remote control (Toys)

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The Robo Shark of Brigamo is a small remote-controlled shark for the bathtub or swimming pool. Although he has a dangerous look at it, it is hardly dangerous in reality. Comfortable it pulls its rounds through the water and bobbing merrily with the tail around.

Mir of shark including remote control came in a camouflage packaging. This is even suitable for appropriate storage, because the packaging can be closed again. That's rather unusual and made me happy.

There are four AA batteries for the remote control needs. You are not supplied. The antenna is screwed on the remote control and can be extended.

First, the small shark needs to be recharged. But should his mouth be opened (very funny), it is a small port. At the remote control behind a cover the cable, which is then connected to the fish. During charging, a green light glows on the remote control. When the green light goes out, the fish is ready for bathing.

The shark reacts only when it is placed in water. So he can not be controlled in the dry. You can go straight, backwards or let curves swim the shark. Test Michel has already nicely explained in his video: The fish can only swim forward or backward. You have to let go of the buttons, if it is to apply. So, say the fish can swim straight ahead or backward, or to the right or left, but he can not both at the same time.

Can not dive the shark. He swims just below the water surface.

I impressed my son with the Robo Shark. After bathing, the water must remain in the tub, so the shark can still pull a few extra laps! Also in the pool the shark swims in circles. The remote control also still works in several meters away.

Important information about the charge and maturities:

- A process takes approximately 5-10 minutes
- The shark swims with a fully charged battery is also about 5-10 minutes

I prefer a star off because a fin had been canceled at the delivery. I did this simply attached with superglue again. But should be an isolated case.

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