Compare Jump Sport 370, 570 and 112 Bellicon (Three People, 1x Parkinson, 1x LWS deformation, 1x shoulder and neck problems)

Compare Jump Sport 370, 570 and 112 Bellicon (Three People, 1x Parkinson, 1x LWS deformation, 1x shoulder and neck problems)

Jump Sport Swing Fitnesstrampolin- individual rubber rope suspension (Model 370) (Equipment)

Customer Review

Jump Sport 370, 570 vs 112 Bellicon incl. Juxtaposition of simple steel spring trampoline

First, for a Parkinson patient, after advice of the physiotherapist a simple 1m steel spring trampoline for 39, - concerned. This he used to it to make a running motion. This resulted, as it was fun to high motivation so that 2x a day the trampoline was used.
After I tested a bungee trampoline and for my child, the age of 5 has a lumbar malformation so one was looking, I came across Bellicon and Jump Sport. But first Parkinson patients should receive a team Polin.

After consulting with the company Provitashop, I have decided for the 370 Jump Sport:

Compare Jump Sport 370 / steel spring trampoline:
I can only say after the jump Sport on steel spring trampoline it feels as if you jump on solid ground.
Well, the edge coverage for people with reduced mobility since they can enter easily. It absorbs very soft, in the softest setting.
Parkinson patient had a handle, with which it is safe on the trampoline is good that the handle is straight and the trampoline so that does not take up much space, but it is a bit shaky, but sufficiently stable to keep yourself safe.

Compare Jump Sport 370 / Jump Sport 570
I could borrow with the small and after 5 days it was clear, even at us as a trampoline must move. My shoulder and neck problems improved significantly and I had standing there in front of the TV, I went every day it min 15 min. Even my daughter use the trampoline extensively. Since we had a little more space, it should be the larger version.
It resonates better, but I sack with my 75 kg in soft setting entirely to the ground through even though it does not feel softer than the 370. Also, it smells like the 370 to solvents. The sagging happened when 370 not, also the edge cover cracks at right now jumping pretty loud and the mat feels solid, not as point elastic on.

Class is in two, that I can unhook half the rubber bands for my daughter and therefore the restoring force can be reduced.

Then my daughter jumped with acquaintances on the 112er Bellicon with yellow clips

As we were still in the 14 days trial period, I got the 112er Bellicon

Compare Jump Sport 570/112 Bellicon blue clips
The Bellicon is much softer and more elastic point (the foot falls correctly), but I do not sack to the ground by. Again, I can unhook half of the rubber rings. Since the stable edge cover is missing, it is almost completely silent. In addition, the odor is significantly lower! The
The legs can be removed quickly, since it does not require an Allen key in contrast to Junpsport, but his legs simply securely rotates. Also, it requires less space because the legs are not put out. In addition, the jump is almost noiseless, even if one buys the edge coverage, which now covers the metal edging. This edging protects z. B. children from the metal colliding unlike that of Jump Sport swing, only the rubber bands are partially covered. Also it is nice and soft and thus is now the trampoline the favorite reading place for my husband and my child become!
For exercises on your back, it is so much more convenient also.

One should also say: Bellicon is a German product ....

Unique: The Bellicon is significantly better especially if you also still compares prices:

Jump Sport 370 385, - incl delivery instructions, Wekzeug, DVD, 14 days to sample
Jump Sport 570 495, - incl delivery, manual, tool, DVD, 14 days to sample
Bellicon 112 434, - incl delivery, instructions, exercise poster, DVD, 30-day trial
Here comes when needed but still 69, - for an optional edge cover added.
In all, the return is free and therefore you should use the opportunity of testing.

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