Compelling and easy to access

Compelling and easy to access

History of Humanism in the West (Paperback)

Customer Review

"The history of Humanism in the West" is a positive and very inspiring book for those who never read anything on the subject: this is a well done, which opens to reflection, and requires the reader that he question incessantly.

I enjoyed the one hand it gives a very clear and simple definition of Humanism, when precisely the Larousse tells us that this is one of the terms the meaning of which person or just not near really means!
In short, humanism is what might be succinctly defined as "any theoretical or practical approach that puts the human being and its progress at the center of concern."
Where the book has fully embedded, it is above it raises a fundamental question: WHAT Humanism?

The author in fact shows perfectly well the need for a reflection - personal but especially collective - on the subject: in fact, we are in a transition period (in which "God is dead") and Humanism there is a decline in value - even downright threatening - yet indeed essential.

This reflection on Humanism, however, must first feed on its history: this is what we propose to fly the author, teaching us that man has not always tended towards the same ideal ...
The book thus provides a clear overview of these different currents, cut into 4 historic homes (monotheistic, antique ...)
One might regret that this synthesis is not necessarily exhaustive and totally subjective; more specialized and discerning readers may find the somewhat about light, very focused on the same design as the author of Humanism.

Not being a specialist and discovering Humanism by the look of Abdennour Bidar, I appreciated his clear and very accessible about (the words a little bit complex are always defined during playback), which makes me want to read other works on the subject, most advanced and probably less digestible.
I also loved the very clear structure of the book is divided into six chapters, themselves cut into small sections easily identified by their title (and therefore consulted again easily from the Table of Contents).

Verdict: a key book to understand the motivations of mankind, feed his own reflection, and expand its research fields on the humanistic question.

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