Creative D200 Bluetooth Audio in damn good!

Creative D200 Bluetooth Audio in damn good!

Creative D200 Bluetooth speaker black for smartphones and tablets (eg iPhone, iPad) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Creative D200Bluetooth Audio in damn good!

I've never been a friend of Bluetooth Audioübetragung. Maybe that's the pitiful attempts at an early stage, of the no longer imagine being without short-range radio technology to turn back. For days I had tried a Bluetooth headset to connect to my PC to Skype wirelessly. The reward for effort: A functioning Bluetooth sound card, at check appreciative of Skype and: A voice quality, the newly stocked lunch again in the stomach.

The same was true of course for so-called, Bluetooth stereo headsets or Bluetooth receiver for the local system. Not enough bass, overdriven heights, cracking, noise and other noise that can be found in the multimedia radio flora and fauna.

But then enjoyed to my personal and multimedia equipment, a device which I initially eyeing critically: The Creative D200. Of course, a Bluetooth Speaker.

Alone from the fact that with Creative sound cards, ranging from the legendary Sound Blaster 1.0 up to the current Sound Blaster Recon3D, everything was real, I decided to give a chance to the good piece. With outstanding results.

The packaging

The D200 comes in a, with the Creative Speaker typical colors, elongated packaging. The shape suggests, that this is not a Speaker Monster, but a delicate, unobtrusive design piece. The decor is spartan. Guide, power supply, power adapter for Europe and England (always' ne Extrawurst), D200, ferdich.

So what I like. Little fanfare and hoopla.

The device

The first haptic impression: The D200's hard. For audiophile inclined people like me always a sign that high-quality components have been installed (call in their own right: speakers with a net weight of 200 grams can not and are not suited for a bit of Internet Radio !!!!)

But of course we also know that there are now companies that pretend to this impression, obstruct lead plates. I did not open the D200 So we'll never know. But I assume that Creative is not among the cheaters.

The device is kept very simple in design. No design gimmicks. The elongated housing contains three buttons on the device. Two for volume control and a mate for the BT devices. These are, in my opinion, a little wobbly and do not act just high. The pressure point is good, but noticeably. On the back you will find the power button, the power connector and the obligatory auxiliary input. Also there is a bass reflex port on the back.

The power pack is relatively bulky and heavy.

The sound is pushed through two 7cm driver through the simple Akkustikstoff. Unfortunately, there is no indication of how strong they are.

Nice feature: In Creative are also adapters for all Apple iPods without Bluetooth available (44.99 including shipping.) Interesting for people with iPod Classic and an infinite music collection.

The sound

Without noticeable distortion or annoying the D200 performs his duties. On the whole, the sound of a Bluetooth playback device is very balanced. Only the bass remains at a higher volume on the track. But rather as frantically trying to maintain this until the Speaker Harakiri commit and it just rattles. (As with already og yoghurt pots)

The centers are wonderfully audible and modulated. Also for lovers of fast, hard, handmade music (like me) are the D200 the heights wonderful on.

What regards the performance is generally designed system for a maximum range of 10 meters. Maximum values ​​in the audio field, however, should always be treated with caution, since the devices are taken to their limits. This of course is not the point of it is, however, great numbers for marketing.

The D200 is sufficient for my 25sqm ² living room to provide sound with no problem. Even so, it's fun. Similarly, there should be sufficient thickness to the next cookout to bring / keep going. However, of large-area sound applications is discouraged.


Thank Creative! You have taught me that if the right ones at work, also Bluetooth audio can listen really good and high. The D200 is the perfect small party / cookout / living room / Office speakerphone. Simple to use, not overloaded with unnecessary features and with its simple, classic design, it really fit in every room (even in a bath with butcher flair). To make it perfect would have been a small FB on and off and the regulate the volume.

At present, the Creative D200 between 70, - and 100, - Euro to get. For everyone who wants to establish a Bluetooth system thoroughly recommended.

Great (both elements) Rank: 5/5
May 18
Good value 288 Rank: 4/5
April 18
Very good work 46 Rank: 5/5
May 28
quality finish again ... Rank: 3/5
December 29
No, folichon 1 Rank: 2/5
June 20
No cables and loads only the LG G3 Rank: 2/5
September 9

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