Damn good game!

Damn good game!

Grand Theft Auto IV [Platinum] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I have a rating system in which there is to achieve a maximum of 100 points for games. Under General, scoring and points that can be achieved is carried out. Here I share in technology, gameplay, story and atmosphere. I can also assure you that no relevant spoiler will occur. For too lazy to read it is sufficient to read the general and overall conclusion .;)

It is, incidentally, only my opinion. I am neutral towards any genre and am working mostly with the single player of a game.



The game controls generally very lazy, I feel. By realistic animation, the character does not move immediately in the direction that you push the stick. It runs throughout the game around in the 3rd-person perspective and therefore the goals is a bit strange. The sensitivity of the right stick can thereby optimize fortunately.

Driving physics:
The driving physics in GTA 4 is of course not at the level of Gran Turismo, but still realistic than in NFS Undercover. ^^ I was initially very surprised about this realistic driving behavior. Respect that one has even been there so much trouble.

Shot battle:
Since we as already mentioned rumläuft in 3rd person, also the shot battle is not adapted to modern shooter. Automatically to aim at L2 and R2 to shoot is actually not common. With R3 can still crouch, with R1 can go near walls in coverage and in cars to shoot but again with L1. As one might notice that control is a little harder to memorize.

Game Flow:
The main occupation in a GTA is natural to go from A to B to get a job, get back from A to B, anyone to track and back down again. Meanwhile, one has to be constantly phone handy and continuously receives updates on information in the form of an SMS or a call. Besides service log on also like friends / inside to do something. So you have to constantly do something and never actually comes to rest. Simply abzuklappern The missions therefore not necessarily work.

Gameplay is implemented not very creative or innovative. However, it is very extensive and to GTA-style with relatively many improvements to its predecessors. The only drawback is the inertial control in favor of realism. That is point deduction, because I really need to force thanks to these demotivating control to turn on the console and me to plague it. If you only times there in the game, then störts not quite like that. So you can live in any case.
For gameplay from me it 19/25 points.


Niko Bellic is called our Main playable character. He fled Serbia because of the war in the Middle East. Years of professional experience in his unit Balkan Peace Force made him a decent citizen who tried to live the American dream and the other to meet an old friend in Liberty City for a. Niko can not make it to work, thanks to its anti-social decency and humor, even though he is very poor at the beginning and felons. I've loved to play with him in any case.

Throughout the game you get to know a lot of people, the most open and friendly or just say we are unsociable. Although the characters all have their own charm, but basically always the same ists. Too many characters one has been building a relationship, but for others it works just a little and then you kill them for various reasons or you see them ever again. The would you look can also save because with 30% less emissions, there would be still enough to do in the game and the jobs feel anyway similar to.

Action (without spoiler):
Our cousin, Roman lures us with American Tittys and luxury with a Russian freighter to Liberty City. We have to realize that the story is contrived with the richness something arrived there. In addition to the money, Niko studied without any obligation nor an old Navy comrades, the Believed to be in LC. From this one could have been making a lot, but unfortunately most of the time it's really all about the money. It runs from a monkey to the next and met him for orders. Provided the money's good, because by the time we are quite expensive and a simple murder our costs Opposite happy times five grand. So we beat us from one island to another, get to know people, shoot them again, build relationships with them and keep an eye out for the ex-Marine open. What is it, you have to find out yourself. We manage to live together with Roman the American dream and to find our colleagues or expects something completely different to us

Actually, I can the main criticism that is the bad story not connect. Depending on how extensively you play, the run takes about 20 to 50 hours. Meanwhile, you learn a lot of characters with their own story to know. In addition, one often acts are free, have an impact on the course. From time to time even emotions such as anger or relief came on. What bothers me is the story simply, that it really is most of the time just about money. Here you do not fight for old friends, family or one's own honor, but really only to end up increasing our account balance. Too bad.
For the story from me it 18/25 points.


It has to start positively surprised me how this came across Ghetto Feeling. It is not a question to the 50-cent-Wanna-Be-kiddie Gangsta Feeling, in the supposedly lives every other rapper, but it is about the ghettos, where people then from the second world and therefore our Niko with Serbian descent live and just have nothing but a dilapidated apartment and a few dollars.
Later, I felt like a very successful criminal with a chunk of coal illegally earned and a nice suit. ^^ The Ghetto Feeling so let this to, it can be felt more and more of this criminal life.

Around you actually moves always something. Liberty City is full of people in everyday life, which also respond to our character. For example, shooting a dealer, if you come too close to them or people screaming at you when you jostle them and so the donut kicks them out of my hand. Steaming Manhole, alarm systems, foreign conflicts with the police and dynamic weather, for example, also in the package. Very commendable.

The realism in this game, grabbed me immediately. Are responsible for this as the authentic motion animations of KI, the behavior of the AI ​​in the transport, the damage model of cars (blood spatter the people, bullet holes, scratches, dirt, dents) or changes in driving conditions after a stay in a Bar. The list of these things virtually endless. Decisive for the convincing realism is mainly the AI, of which I am very impressed.

GTA 4 convinced in any case when it comes to atmosphere. Realism as a theme is perhaps not very imaginative, but Rockstar Games proves here that only the proper implementation sets the tone. Mainly the behavior of the AI ​​is responsible.
For the atmosphere from me it 23/25 points.


The graphics are not only acceptable but really good for the extent of this world and the age of the game. The textures are mostly clean and I particularly enjoyed the light, shadow and reflection effects. Only one anti-aliasing would not harm the engine. In addition, the visual range is not really famous. The higher you fly, the softer the picture. Nevertheless, I am very impressed by the appearance on the PS3.

Loading screen:
In games like Skyrim you need for any room that you enter, first wait a loading screen. That's not the case here. I can not explain to me how that is possible, but in this engine, I have fallen in love.

Under the good graphics naturally suffers somewhat stability. Small lags takes you frequently was. Really disrupt it but do not.

The individual samples of weapons and other effects are all together well. Except for the engine sounds. The leave something to be desired. The language setting is neat and available only in original English. At your disposal are an optional five channels in Dolby Digital compression methods.

Radio Station:
The typical GTA radio stations are available in the fourth part to Hauf. Technically genre should really be something for everyone. The songs that run in these channels, I like it less. In electric stations usually runs only monotonous DnB while largely unknown artist are played in the hip-hop stations. Exceptions prove the rule .;)

Bugs so far I could not have any notice. However, I can not imagine that there are none in such a comprehensive game to me. So do me not be angry if I have some overlooked. I'm not a player who challenges the bugs.

GTA 4 also convinces technically. From many things I am very impressed and scope leaves no wish unfulfilled. There is provision for hours.
For the technique from me it 21/25 points.

Conclusion and evaluation:

GTA 4 surprisingly convincing in every respect. Not perfect, but above average. The title has in terms of atmosphere, technology and gameplay to only small weaknesses. Unfortunately me endtäuscht the crux of the story. This really is a shame because with a revised control, better soundtrack and meaningful story GTA 4 would have the makings of a near-perfect game and certainly get more than 90 points. The game has not yet made that I have played or reviewed.

For GTA 4 from me it 81/100 points.

The game gets therefore just a 5-star safety rating and stands out clearly from competitors from. Here you waste neither time nor money. I hope I could help with my review and would appreciate positive feedback .;)

With best regards

Daniel: DD

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