Dark, gloomy, exciting: nothing for the faint-hearted and night blind ...

Dark, gloomy, exciting: nothing for the faint-hearted and night blind ...

Silent Hill - Downpour - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)

Customer Review

The first impression: gloomy atmosphere, high creepiness
Already at first glance, "Silent Hill Downpour" very dark and somewhat creepy. Fortunately, the screen brightness can be adjusted slightly. And after a minute of playing time, the classification as a G 18 is then clear. After the game flattens something of acclimatization but owed.

Video sequences: the soul of the game
Quick drop to the typical for the genre of survival horror video games video sequences. Implementation of these short extracts is a complete success. Both the selected time points, the corresponding moments of surprise and the atmospheric effect should be mentioned especially positive

Variety by differently constructed puzzles
Another positive fall to the very different demands on the players, which show a great complexity in the further course. It puzzles have to be solved differently constructed and various keys and key combinations are used. With many different objects can be interacted with.

A seemingly open world
The great linearity in the game, without whom this survival horror games can not get along, is veiled very well done. The "game world" appears at first glance very large, large and spacious. But was the way taken, there is no turning back 'barriers block the way. Thus continuous bleeding and wandering is successfully prevented. Nevertheless, a number of tasks running in parallel and it falls, in principle, not that Mason is directed in a direction determine. Many details can be revealed at first glance do not assign a clear line is not directly visible. The tasks to be performed and requirements can be looked up in the diary, detailed assistance by conspicuous markings or signs to look for in vain. The player gets by loneliness in foreign territory and the lack of clarity over their own fate, which must go through the protagonist Mason, impressively conveyed.

Little Contra, much Pro
Very pleasant is the automatic saving in the game that takes place without delay and at short intervals. This will on the one hand prevents too long passages or puzzles to be solved again. On the other hand, the player gets indirectly pointing out to be on the right track.

Graphically makes "Silent Hill Downpour" many things right. The aforementioned cutscenes create an extraordinary atmosphere, marked by uncertainty, fear and curiosity. The characters, enemies and landscapes depicted are really succeeded the natural barriers are excellently integrated into the game. Unfortunately, but also some stuttering in the game and in the video sequences are to be noted.
Also the sound provides a not negligible contribution to total managed implementation of the game. The shock moments not fail to impress even the musical interpretation fits. Some of these gloomy atmosphere is almost palpable, so that dark areas and rooms would be circumvented prefer. In these places you really do not want to get stuck in Mason's shoes!

The waiting time for the unwanted death, but this on the entry level is not so often happens, fortunately, is a bit too long. As the game stores often, the player needs to possibly deal at very short intervals with the same problem, interrupted by the long waits. This poses potential frustration. The movements are slightly out of round, especially with regard to the camera while running. The fights are a bit wooden and monotonous, especially in close combat, the restriction to only two buttons for improvement. The handling with objects lying around so has its pitfalls, especially when several utensils are nearby.

Overall, "Silent Hill - Downpour" certainly be described as successful. Especially the successful atmosphere in the game and the story make you want more. Deductions gets Silent Hill but for graphic dropouts and the somewhat monotonous fight scenes.
To hopefully appearing successor states then they eagerly awaited in the weeks and months previously to bridge somehow before it can go into the dark world of Silent Hill again.

The devil is in the detail ... Rank: 3/5
November 21
Frequent Baker ;-) Rank: 5/5
December 2
Super 1880 1054 Rank: 4/5
November 28
perfect 12344 1 Rank: 5/5
May 31

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