The Evil Genius (Paperback)

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A rating of 5 because this book, curiously, is not dependent but shows and explains the course and the ideas which Mr Bush can not share the ideas, which we may hate certain attitudes and faith. This is the path of a straight man, intelligent, brilliant and educated who loves power and prefers unintentionally exercise his talents in the shadows and advise decision-makers rather than being.
I have not found "the story" of sulfur, betrayal and incense catchy band but that of a man of influence who is not the friendliest, who has always had the curious habit of recording everything for reasons (more) keep documentary evidence that blackmail means and complicated by a particular psychological profile which resulted in difficulties in his family life
We also realize that in politics the barriers are not those that we imagine.
So read this book that journalistic dédiabolise an unfamiliar man in particular profile

Who likes yellow .... Rank: 5/5
April 8
Excellent 259 50136740 Rank: 5/5
October 17
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September 27
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August 23

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