Definitely worthy successor

Definitely worthy successor

Dead Space 2 - Collector's Edition [PEGI] (computer game)

Customer Review

Initially directly let me say that I'm talking about the normal version and not from the Collector's Edition (unfortunately the normal still not accepted for review).

Thanks Bayern veto kommts here too late, but it is said, better late than never.
For those of you who have pre-ordered in Germany to this game, let me say that it is, provided it remains with the uncut, definitely worthwhile.
I've bought myself by Steam in UK Store and now played through it.

If you liked the first part, this part is also like at least, if not love.
The well-known, but aufgepeppelte Graphics enables a built on Saturn's moon Titan in a research facility there.
At the beginning of the game much is still unclear, but that as the game progresses through many cutscenes thins out very stylish and skillfully.

Now for the general points Pros and Cons:

-great graphics
-fl├╝ssiges Gameplay (transitions, load times, Story contexts)
-geniale Story
-new Necromorphs (opponents)
-emotionaler than ever: Isaac Clark is awesome set to music and played, like everyone else in the game also has (in the original English version, the German language I can not give any information)
-Five levels of difficulty, which clearly distinguished from one another and so offer something for everyone
-Perfect integrated cut scenes that reveal much about the mysterious "marker"
-grandioses (but violent and rather heavy) Finale
-new stylishly and appropriately converted weapons
-interessanter multiplayer mode, but su
-Good DRM (unique online activation, then Offline indefinitely playable; installable on 5 systems simultaneously; this can, however, manage, so that one is not bound permanently to 5 PC's)

-teils really hard
not replace -deutlich less fun if you have not played part 1, as some scenes it inevitably take offense and the initial (though well-made) intro the game
-relative short playing time of 8-9 hours (even on "Survivalist")
-Multiplayermodus With long activation ranks (only a gun and a suit at the beginning available)

When I started the game, I am skeptical approached the matter as Dead Space and the Ishimura were really authentic, credible and genial implemented and it would have been definitely difficult because sensible and managed to button.
However, already in the first few minutes it becomes clear that this is a truly worthy successor.
As it was also clearly stated that the squeamish minds are out of place here - as are suicides and brutal murders, death cries and a lot of (very much) blood before the eyes of the character on the immediate agenda.
In addition, this time can be discovered not to be overlooked similarities with children and babies in the Necromorphs, which are then beheaded in the most brutal way in close combat, or must shoot at a distance, as their large counterparts, in small items, because otherwise very fast itself the temporal blesses.

The developers play almost with the nerves of the players when the corner already provides a shadow of Necromorphs, the forward suddenly disappears after a few steps to the side and soon appears behind or in front of a rolling things directly on the course, as if they have been initiated and around the corner lurks the horror.
Much also happened here in my head: Isaac goes namely significantly to the psyche in this part. Too much is here but not betrayed.
Really good is the fact that this time some puzzles to be solved, without which it can not go on. Again, I do not want to take the stress and just say that you can tell better how to solve that puzzle, because it has the most puzzle several times and then solve for time.

Round really awesome - from the beginning until the - unfortunately too quickly-before seen - end. However, it was in an area on the road, while Part 1 as a one-room apartment acts when Part 2 was an open-plan villa.

But one thing I want to get rid of yet: Who likes to miss part 1 and the Ishimura, let me tell you that you get a more or less involuntary reunion with the horror ship.

Last but not least you can say that it attracts a. You feel closer to Isaac Clark and used his thoughts, as ever. The helplessness against the overpowering enemy is much more to the fore, as you farther one wanders through the chapter, still less can really align with its ever better weapons until one flees more towards the end, as his already scarce ammunition on not ending ends hordes to waste of increasingly strong Necromorphs.

Definitely a buy recommendation from me for the horror fun for adults.

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