Deichind 2015 - less electric, more Hip Hop.  Fanbox absolutely unusual and top!

Deichind 2015 - less electric, more Hip Hop. Fanbox absolutely unusual and top!

Level Why Why (Limited Fan Box incl. T-Shirt Gr. M) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

For me it is now already standard to reserve the Deicide deluxe package once it has been listed on Amazon. DK is one of the groups in which you can do this without abdominal pain, as they always manage not to disappoint one even begin.

To the music I want to keep it short, it's always a matter of taste. So this album is more hip hop interpreted as the last, the electronic elements have been scaled back. But this is no reason for criticism. The songs are placed very diverse and can not be described in one direction, each has its own charm and style. So remember "Let Yourself" for example a bit of Kraftklub while "Grandma Give handbag" a small and short slide in Scooter direction. "The flea market is calling feat. Mr. Fried" reminiscent of the melody strongly of "Bakerman (is baking bread)", ie a piece of quiet. Even an influence of the German New Wave is "Powered by emotion" can be seen.
As usual, DK, there are on this album also socially critical tones, for example, with "Like my ass" "Think big", or "The main thing not to men." It takes possibly a bit in order to understand all the text and classify properly.

The fan box contains some stuff, which I would like to address now:

1. T-Shirt: simplicity, gray held, Gildan brand. I am 182 cm tall and weigh about 85 kg and the M-shirt suits me extremely well - it may in the first wash even a little run in and it would still not be too short for me.

2. Stickers: A DIN A-4 sheet with various stickers is - if I wanted to really use it I do not know, because it certainly has something to do with sentimental value, so keep a new bow. The stickers funny motives with song titles are usually displayed.

3. A bunch of playing cards and an oversized game "board" made of coated and beer resistant paper: As the pitch is probably too large for most of the tables, you should play it sitting on the floor. Fits together with the expected consumption of alcohol.
Specifically, you draw a card on which a task is described, for example, "Space out four fields before and do what it says on the box". Presumably what with drinking. But you have probably also place the entire money, what you have here, in the middle and then divide by the number of sisterly player.
Furthermore, the player starts, which is the ugliest.
The nice thing is that on the back of the playing field a huge, beautiful poster is displayed. I think I'm going to even get a second pitch to me then hang the poster can.

4. The CDs: There are two CDs in a slipcase, once the songs, even the instrumental songs.

5. Packing: One of the highest quality packaging that you can imagine. Thick cardboard, beautiful print. Stable.

All in all, the CD - of course - very top come and I did not regret to have bought the Fanbox. Just about the perfect fitting shirt I was very happy and I am also looking forward to playing the game with a few people times.

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