Difficult to say more, both topics are varied

Difficult to say more, both topics are varied

One day I'll go away without having said everything (Paperback)

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Following the successive passages of this academician many programs, I have been wanting to read these books lun. In it, he talks about life simply. It explores universal themes such as truth, beauty, progress, science, literature, but also God's own life. His childhood in Plessis-lez-Vaudreuil, love Mary, his grandfather, his travels, his reading and his décrivain life.
Even if I found him a few laps, the author shares still interesting ideas and beautiful philosophical reflections. About the time, which is an inevitable topic: "it is the closest and deepest mysteries that surround us" and "history is a secret, surprise and invention. "A man who loves life and history. Who sinterroge on our passage through this world and the traces it leaves quon.

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January 31
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July 21
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May 7
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March 27

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