Do not believe these reviews and do not buy this cheap product

Do not believe these reviews and do not buy this cheap product

Peach Guillotine - PC300-01, A4, up to 10 pages (Office supplies & stationery)

Customer Review

I was or am again looking for a cheap and good paper cutter.

So looked at Amazon and saw the reviews, ordered.
Irritates me first, because everything in an Amazon box comes this the trimmer without carton with me arrived, how long is that? This time not even hymns of praise for Amazon, the box has arrived totally crushed, I thought of the guillotine is over anyway, I watch the evil at once.

Unpacked, the guillotine but not bent and twisted as I thought, but really great, some patched marks on the Obrfläche, nachgesprüht with paint, but scratches visually obscured .... rather poor.

I can also try to cover it with silver paint damage in a white car.
So looks the same as B-Stock from the Resterampe.
Rubber foot was from, nor found, fortunately, infected again. Then looked at the cutting edge, beautifully scratched, prima, also does not seem to be because the paint scratches show where it does not bear closer and where.
Incidentally, the black paint is already loose on, prima if you then still the black spots has everywhere.

I once made the cut to the sample if they are suppressed by good down lifts the complete Schneider on the other hand ....

Where the great previous reviews come I do not know, is viell. One and the same person to the product to push artificially, is worth so when customers are looking for best customer reviews.

But may also be that people have been given this Schneider, I do not know why else a manufacturer for free such test machines interspersed among the people and why just received this one machine, everything is beyond me.

Fact is, this paper cutter is not worth the money and it will not, by the way ordered for 24,90 Euro and few days later he is understood 10 euros more value be? The pricing policy is equally frightening.

Oh, like the Peach manufacturer may also send me a "trial" would be happy also on this circuit to include and to obtain a machine which really deserves the 5 star. This has here not even really deserves one.
Whether really announces Peach, I will continue to report ....

Beautiful, functional bag Rank: 5/5
February 11
meli melo tomes Rank: 2/5
March 26
Perfect! 1 3695 Rank: 5/5
April 5
Good pack 2 Rank: 4/5
February 28
good 407 Rank: 5/5
December 7
NO PROBLEM! 2 5 Rank: 5/5
October 18

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