Does what it says .... 17

Does what it says .... 17

Olay Regenerist "3 Zone" face cleaning brush with 2 rotational levels (Personal Care)

Customer Review

As part of a trnd action I may together with my best friend for a few days already testing the Olay Regenerist 3 Zone Cleaning System ...

In the pack there is a functional initial, consisting of a facial cleansing brush, a brush attachment, two brand batteries, 20ml cleansing cream and a truly tiny package insert, I have not read due to the small pressure.

Commissioning proved in my case a little difficult, because on the device itself is no indication of how the battery compartment is open. After some tentative pull and shake (I wanted to finally break anything) the battery compartment was nevertheless open.
The inside then also looks relatively stable and high quality and the battery compartment closes really completely waterproof!

In my opinion, is recommended to insert in any case the batteries in the lid of the unit and then about enforce the cleaning brush. Andrückencken ... one click ... done.

The device is my feeling well in the hand and is easy to fit both right- and left-handed / inside. The surface is roughened slightly and also in the shower slips the device not to wet hands.

The operation is really easy and intuitive possible. A button for on / off, the other regulates the two speed modes of the device. The engine runs pleasantly quiet and is absolutely vibration-free.

The bristles of the brush attachment are quite soft and does not irritate my sensitive skin, but I avoid the direct vicinity of the eyes. There the brush twinge then namely it.

How long does the brush head remains endures daily use to be seen, but the exchange of the brush attachment is really easy. Pull off against a small resistance .... done.

I clean the appliance under running water, dry it off and then it is again ready to go.

The included cleaning cream Regenerist complements the set quite good, but the tube is sufficient really only a handful of applications. The "smell" is getting used to. The paste foams with very little water and the skin afterwards really feels radiantly clean.

A test with a damp cotton pad then also showed really no dirt or grease residue!

The facial skin pritzelt after application of brush and cream because of the great blood circulation a little, but that passes quickly.

I can say that the later applied Olay Regenerist care of my opinion draws faster and that I subjectively have a feeling that good cleaning enhances the effect of the care products.


+ Hand flattering, good form of the instrument
+ Low noise
+ No vibrations
+ Absolutely and guaranteed waterproof
+ Good grip of the housing even when wet
+ Good cleaning function of the skin
Änder + for right / Linksh &

+ / - Battery case

- Readable description missing
- Similar no storage bag

Conclusion: strong buy recommendation from me! That part is really worth its price!

Bag for Odys IEOs Quad Rank: 5/5
January 15
Very good eye care Rank: 5/5
November 24
it works as described !!!!! Rank: 3/5
March 6
Ashamed! 18 Rank: 1/5
June 13
Double board cameras Rank: 4/5
March 28

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