Does what it should, but heats the hut

Does what it should, but heats the hut

Digitus DN-10140 ExpressCard (1x RJ-45) (optional)

Customer Review

Delivery properly in blisters, content ExpressCard and MiniCD with drivers and manual.

The driver CD was not necessary, the card was detected and installed by Windows 7 ... So pure card, LAN cable to it and it runs. The speed is fine imo, accurate information but not possible due to lack of a neutral test environment. When data-juggling in my Gbit home network I have transfer rates between 50 - 80MB / s, depending on the device / direction / network load.

Negative point of the map is the heat, surf without large data transfer in gigabit range, but also the normal, the card is almost only on Idling. You can also sense the casing above the card slot, a heat source and, of course, the fan runs more frequently. Who does not interfere with, can access reassured, especially the built-VIA Velocity VT6130 chipset is generally very fast and stable.

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