Dual Band is great -the range also, but not very beginner-friendly - fortunately again without cloud forced!

Dual Band is great -the range also, but not very beginner-friendly - fortunately again without cloud forced!

Linksys EA4500 N900 Dual Band Router (2.4 / 5GHz 450Mbps) USB Storage Link (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

This review is a preliminary understanding and is supplemented because Cisco will add rectify in the near future many functions / ...
Supplements they end the review!

When I was growing draw comparative figures, is always my FritzBox 7270 meant!

First impression / Package Contents
When unpacking already felt a smile on the lips, so noble sees the crate at first glance. No antennae visible matt surfaces and the aluminum even in the middle ?! At second glance I was a little disillusioned. It's unfortunately all plastic, even the brighter central reservation; What's more, you stand the box only flat, but can not hang on the wall, which I very much regret at the size and the price.
Apart from the router itself is only one power supply, an almost 1m long network cable and a CD-Rom in the box - nothing more! A guide so one must print from CD itself! And that at the peak of the model series? Tsss ...

Instructions / support
To connect the router to the PC can be
1) either using the CD and follow the instructions on the screen step by step - or,
2) it connects directly to one of the 2 wireless networks called CiscoXXXX.
Since the Linksys CD works only with the WLAN client Microsoft own, I, however, the software from AVM for connection creation use with my Fritz WLAN Stick N fails the first opportunity. Well .. I've used one or the other router, so I use the second option and works well. Once in the router's options menu, I'll run over as a freshman a little bit about the possibilities and also left quite alone - the instructions that I have now printed next to me, are not much to look at except the most necessary wireless network settings; The built-in software interface help is good, but beginner-friendly is different.

I do so first of all as I had no idea all leave at defaults and test further; only the WLAN encryption I have now enabled - which was not pre!
This has hinbekommen FritzBox much better encryption ex works and at least one printed Quick Start Guide; to the user interface is simple and logical to use MMN, but that's more a matter of taste.

Static Routes, SPI firewall, UPnP, QoS, "Parental Control", all there .. you just have to see the MMN bit confusing designed user interface of the Linksys .. I know this (thankfully) still my good old indestructible WRT54GL. . but newcomers will surely spend a while with Search. Above all, I find the dark gray text of the submenus on dark blue ground a bit hard to read .. .. but even that is a matter of taste.
Here the Fritz box has its nose slightly in front. Even though it may are not quite as many configuration options (but I just do not know what would be missing at AVM ..) is the user interface easily accessible / logically designed and easier to read.

Wireless signal
Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 simultaneously. And both in really appealing transmit power! The comparison is above FritzBox 7270, which only either 5GHz OR can spark 2.4GHz, and not nearly in both reached the same signal strength - I'd say about 25% -30% less! A clear point for the Linksys!

This includes everything I would take what does not belong to a normal network operation, such as USB connectivity and other extras.
1) USB port: to function as expected. Stick purely, and you can about the network address to access it. In the user interface of the router individual network users read and write access can be granted - a sensible thing.
2) App-Control: via Iphone also works fine. Only - what use am I gonna have exactly them, is beyond me. I can reboot the router. And I can read out the IP of the router. Mh .. the big screen .. well .. not that I would have done without this app, but thanks for this gadget. ("Yeah, we have an APP-enabled router !!")
3) the "cloud" function is to be replenished again in the near future; it will be interesting, what benefits you have it.
4) Gigabit LAN ports .. who needs it. Honestly, who buys a wireless router with extreme coverage and high speed, no more demand will actually have to GBit LAN, right? All in the circle, have the need to have separate gigabit switches and provide no wireless .. and for a fail-safe connection extends like a "fallback" and 100Mbit. So that's just marketing to GBit LAN and no added value ... but that's just my opinion ..

Compared with the Fritz box 7270 also here the Linksys has a disadvantage. Although you have to say honestly that the USB functions on the AVM-box still not 100% so work as they should, and (rarely) have dropouts .. however the Fritz! Box has a built-in SIP (an Internet telephony protocol ) function - and thanks to which I can with my Fritz-APP over the Fritz box call from the mobile phone via wifi. Now that is a useful app!

- Not very large entry friendliness - WLan factory Unencrypted
- / + Complicated but very extensive advanced configuration option
++ Class wireless signal on both frequency bands simultaneously
+ Value-added features such as USB memory connection / media server usable, but not unusual
- No wall mount

All in all I had a little more hoping for the top unit of Cisco / Linksys wrought! I'm not sure whether the hitherto offered functionality paired with something hakeligen usability really can stand against the competition - the nunmal is also working in the same or similar price category. One may be curious to see if Cisco / Linksys still significantly rework with new firmware updates since.

I can recommend this router to all who value a damn good transmitter / receiver performance on both Freqzenzbändern simultaneously and not afraid of a little fiddly user interface have.
Allen prefer the beginner-friendly like or more functional looking (SIP function DECT station, VPN tunnels, ..) should perhaps even look at what the competition has to offer so ...

Who by the way still has additions, or points that he would like to have explained: bring it before it is "not helpful" Thanks :)

Update as of 30/06/12
I can not believe my eyes!
Cisco has released an update and his long-promised "cloud" function integrated. But what have since made a nonsense ?!
1) You must now create a cloud access
2) You can only configure the router via the cloud now; offline you get only limited configuration options
3) The "cloud" (ie Cisco) now has permanent access to my router and I can not leave. What for? Why? Cisco, privacy ?!

Admittedly, the first of mine complained confusing configuration page has now been completely revised by the cloud surface and been adapted to inexperienced end users. But what Cisco was thinking to make the cloud an obligation - because without cloud I'm no longer at my entire router configuration - is beyond me.
A disaster in a data protection perspective and a user for an idiot all first class.
But I prefer later from yet a star.

New conclusion:
Who has no problem, Cisco full access to the router grant, which is to strike because of me, because he has really good radio performance and is easier to configure after the update. All others who want to keep at least a little rest control over their data, I can only advise to install the latest update (on V. 2.1.38) NOT - or equal zuzulegen another router.

Supplement 2 from 10:07:12
Cisco has apparently responded to the criticism and withdrawn the Cloud-forced. In the future, the user should be able to choose from two different firmwares: one with and one without cloud.
Source: H from 10:07:12
For the router gets back his third star back! Goes but, Cisco!

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