"E" - a small difference - "200" - newer hardware version

"E" - a small difference - "200" - newer hardware version

Netgear ProSafe JGS524E-200EUS Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch (24 port, RJ-45) (optional)

Customer Review

Netgear sells two switches, which differ only by the addition of E.
JGS524E vs JGS524. The additional 200 indicates, incidentally, that it is the second hardware version with newer faster processors!

This can go down any time of purchase. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to point out explicitly. - I had in this regard due to confusing product the wrong item. The commendable customer-oriented service from Amazon proved extremely convenient in exchange for the desired "E" switch.

"E", synonymously also "unmanaged plus" or "ProSafe Plus" means that the switch using a Windows based PC tool that is included on a CD that is partly configurable. Reference is to the English-language PDF document "ProSafe Plus Switch Utility User Guide_21Dec2012" referenced. Here you can use virtual LAN (VLAN), Qualitiy of Service (QoS) and multicast, enable especially IGMP snooping, which is relevant if you want to use Telecom Home Entertain, without wishing thereby to pull the rest of the network traffic affected. In addition, link aggregation and port mirroring can be activated specifically in this switch. - It is sufficiently commented elsewhere on the network, and the Netgear support at this point is also extremely helpful.

In addition, the "E" switches in light gray metal housing are also more energy efficient than your blue relatives, according to manufacturer's instructions. - This I can not be sufficiently assessed currently.

First Impression:
Valent metal housing and processing. Even without extended functionality immediately integrate with factory settings on the network. Rackfähig - angle brackets are included. Configuration tool with German language - setting just made. Gigabit LAN qualities are achieved. Passive cooling without noticeable warming in the rack.

I think the low price in my opinion more against the "unmanaged" blue brother without extra "e" is justified.

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