Easy installation, good picture, only small criticisms

Easy installation, good picture, only small criticisms

Keekoon 1280 x 720P HD Wireless Wifi wifi IP camera surveillance camera Black T2

Customer Review

I have this IP Cam now for a week in the company and want to tell you about my experiences. I use this camera for surveillance purposes in combination with the Android app and a Galaxy S5.


The installation of the camera is very easy, even if you do not have much idea of ​​Netztwerktechnik and cameras. There are QR codes on the packaging for Andorid and Apple that you perform simple scans and directly to the app 'P2PLiveCam ". This app is easy to install then on his smartphone.

In the app there is the upper right corner "+" with which one then adds a new camera. Here's an important tip from me. There are then 2 modes you can select:

1. "Adding already network cameras" (Yes, the translation in the app is moderate :-))
2. "Configure the camera to WI-FI"

Here I would advise you to choose the former option, because my phone has crashed completely and assumed in choosing the 2nd option. So for the best allerste installation you close the camera directly via LAN cable to the router (Case 1).

Now it is again simple, because instead of the serial number and password you can now with "QR scan" just the QR code, which is located on the camera's bottom side scanning, and the camera will be detected immediately.

With these simple steps the camera is already added and you can see the first image. It took under 10 minutes with me.

As long as the camera is now hanging on the LAN, you should on the wireless settings to add the camera. Once this is done, the camera can be positioned anywhere in the house (then cable is no longer needed)

Software and Operating

In the software, there are 4 menu items

1. Video
2. Screenshot
3. recordings
4. Alarm

The software can integrate multiple IP Cams and you can choose what you want to look at. In Video mode, there are the following 4 resolutions:

1. HD
2. Sharp
3. Usual
4. Fluent

Rule of thumb is, the higher the quality of the image, the more data traffic, the greater the delay.
In WLAN mode you get the "HD" is a razor sharp image. Criticism of other Rezenensenten that the picture could be sharper, I can not understand therefore. This is my first HD IP CAM and a resolution of 1280x720 on a cell phone screen (1920x1080) to look at results in a good and sharp image.

However, my latency is a bit too high under HD. Almost 3 seconds own WLAN is the delay. That seems to me a bit long. On the way in the mobile network, I use the option "fluent". The resolution is then much lower, but the image smoothly. The image latency is then only about 1 second.

You can make various settings on the app. example

Regulate Brightness and Contrast
Listen into the room
Speaking in the room
Make a screenshot
Start a video
The Rotate camera (left / right)
The camera pan (up / down)
Flip the image
Enable night vision (infrared)

The infrared image works very well, the infrared lights are very powerful, so you have a good picture even at night.

I would particularly like to mention in my review this alert. About the "Advanced Configuration" in the camera's menu can be a motion detection sensitivity from 0 ("Close") on minimum (level 7) to the highest level (Level 1) to adjust.

Then a motion registered by the camera, you immediately receive a status message to the mobile phone "triggering alarm" and the camera will send a screen shot to a mobile phone. The alarm interval (message + screenshot) can be set free from 1-300 seconds.

While I know this function from other cameras already, but here it works the first time really well. Here to reliably detect people Pets the default value ranges from 4. If required, the alarm also exhibit on the move.


The camera is for me visually appealing and technically convincing. I can recommend this to all who want to install an IP-based home monitoring. Based on the technical characteristics it is also suitable as a baby phone. Criticisms in operation I have just following.

1. The software needs to be revised with respect to the direct WLAN integration, with me they always crashed at this point. The translation can be improved a bit.

2. The camera is at startup, a high frequency of unpleasant sound, but which disappears after 4 seconds.

Otherwise, the camera is reliable and works well with my Smartphone together. It gives a good feeling when you want to look short, whether at home everything is fine.

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