Easy to use, gentle to the skin replacement product !!

Easy to use, gentle to the skin replacement product !!

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream for Dry Skin with Shea Butter & Lily Fragrance, 1er Pack (1 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

So I really wanted to buy the Veet depilatory cream straight from Amazon, because I am absolutely convinced of it and am a little "shocked" over the recent negative messages.

So I want to give others a chance the product briefly tell you about my experience.

I have brought you more or less by chance, as I was impressed by the sponge completely :)

So far I have hpts. "Normal" depilatory creams used that have so far also always work (95% of the hair away). I take this personally for the legs and in the groin area (even if you do not want to make ;-)).
For everyday products, I feel with the spatula / scraper (or whatever you called the thing) irritating the skin very. Although I do not Doll overprints and the cream just want to erode the edges of the scraper quite unpleasant. (Especially in the genital area). My skin is usually 1-2 days and it is really irritated bit uncomfortable.

SO now the product: Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream is not even happen to me. On The Contrary. It excites no little (not even in the exposure time or after), the sponge does the hair on your wonderful and you can not impress too tightly.

Short for application:
So as I said a tube is sufficient for 2-3 times bikini line and legs with me. I think that's ok. I carry around a knife about thickness layer. Then you have the act briefly. In that time, I usually do a brief scrub for the face or try what laughing with the hair of or other * *. So 2-3 minutes walk around quickly.

After that, I put myself into the shower, look, however, that the water jet is not directly on the legs. Then I wash hair at rest. So pure shampoo, shampoo out. Flushing in and then you continue on the legs. I accept this and I use the sponge almost like a spatula at the start. So just from the bottom upwards. He can not absorb the volume of a spatula, but I do not find disturbing. Genital area works fine.

There are 2 small criticism points. After washing the skin is quite oily and flutschig such as if a small film would plan. I do not mind, I leave the top and well. A friend of mine does not like this and just washed off with shampoo and washcloths or so again. But that's a matter of taste.
Since there is only 1 sponge and there's hair, it is also caught up with the cleaning of the sponge rather difficult. This is the spatula definitely easier and more hygienic. But if you only used alone, this may not go.

Otherwise, I cream a legs after showering with a normal moisturizer. Total emotionally go off more hair than normal depilatory creams.

This product has convinced me.
Again a brief summary:

+ Positive
removes more hair than other creams
lighter application
short action / during shower possible
pleasant fragrance
Irritating no little skin
safely applicable in the genital area

- Negative
Sponge hair retains residues
oily film for few hours after application

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July 6
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October 24
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March 18

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